The Addiction Tour 2006

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Band Name Theatres Des Vampires
Album Name The Addiction Tour 2006
Type Video
Дата релиза 04 Сентябрь 2006
Лейблы Blackend Records
Музыкальный стильGothic Black
Владельцы этого альбома3


Recorded in Zagreb, London, Prague and Berlin.
1. Never Again
2. Pleasure and Pain
3. My Lullaby
4. Angel of Lust
5. Lilith Mater Inferorum
6. Dances with Satan
7. La Danse Macabre du Vampire
8. Forever in Death
9. Queen of the Damned
Bonus Features :
- Exclusive interview (with Sonya Scarlet)
- Photo Gallery
- Music Videos
1. Lilith Mater Inferorum
2. Angel of Lust