Speed of Light

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Band Name Fail Emotions
Album Name Speed of Light
Type EP
Дата релиза 26 Апрель 2012
Лейблы Self-Released
Музыкальный стильElectro Metal
Владельцы этого альбома6


 Speed of Light
 My Millions Inside
 Speed of Light (Fatal Dubstep VIP Mix)
 Shades (Fatal Drumstep Remix)

Total playing time: 24:57

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Обзор @ VesselsOfBlood

23 Сентябрь 2012

Electrifying Post-Hardcore

Lately, it’s been pretty clear that electronic post-hardcore has become a hit-and-miss genre. In other words, it either turns out catchy and fun, or sloppy, unbearable, or even amusing for listeners. Countless modern bands have fallen into either categories, including Asking Alexandria, Abandon All Ships, I See Stars, Make Me Famous, and Capture The Crown. However, if you’re expecting the Russian septet Fail Emotions to sound at all like any of these mentioned acts, you are horribly mistaken. Since 2008, this band has taken their steps into the realm electronic post-hardcore in a whole new direction. After releasing three EP’s and a full-length record “Transfornation” in 2009, Fail Emotions made it very obvious that they held quite an amount of potential. In 2012, they’ve once again add another small gem to their collection of gripping trance-metalcore fusion records. This gem is called “Speed of Light,” the band’s fourth EP. Although this release bolsters only four tracks (Not including the remixes), it shows in great detail why Fail Emotions is definitely an act more than worth checking out.

One way Fail Emotions separates themselves from the rest of the electronic post-hardcore pack is their use of trance electronics in the music. Synthesizer is heavily used in “Speed of Light” like in their previous works, but not to the point where it overpowers the rest of the music. The electronics alone are probably enough to serve as a dance track for a club, and the energetic melodies that they emit make “Speed of Light” an entrancing and groovy listen. Therefore, even electronic trance music fans will take much pleasure in this record, even if they are not fans of the hardcore genre. “148” is the optimal choice from this album for these types of music fans. From start to finish, electronic trance melodies entwine with the technical metalcore to create a very bold and catchy fusion. The electric sounds that Fail Emotions has to offer in this EP are not overwhelming or obnoxious like plenty of other techno post-hardcore acts of today’s music scene. Instead, the synth-laden music in the four tracks is as uniquely executed as it is catchy.

Another important aspect of the “Speed of Light” EP that separates Fail Emotions from the rest of the herd are the hints of progressive metal and hardcore. As stated earlier, the songs from this EP all weave together electronic trance tunes with technical metalcore seamlessly. It’s a new thing that Fail Emotions has picked up compared to their preceding records, so it certainly shows how they’ve progressed. This formula never falls flat to the point where it all gets dodgy and annoying. This is definitely something new for a band like Fail Emotions to bring to the table, and that is one of the greatest things about this album. The title track best demonstrates this, with sonic electronic melodies flowing with tech metal grooves throughout into a fine electrifying masterpiece. These elements flow together without fail, and “Speed of Light” turns out to be a musically versatile record as a result. The strong, bright, and wondrous mix of techno electronics and metallic heaviness is truly fresh, memorable, and quite unique, especially in accordance with today’s post-hardcore music scene.

Speed of Light” is the type of record that truly breathes life back into its genre. It’s incredibly memorable and well done, and pretty much everything is done right in this electrifying EP. Great instrumentation, angelic singing throughout, and awesome use of electronics are just the beginning to how stellar this album truly is. The heart of this record’s success lies in the undeniably bold and fresh fusion of techno trance with hard-hitting metalcore. The only real problem with this album is that the screams do sound slightly forced, but this album has so many redeeming qualities that it only backfires as a very minor issue. If you’re skeptical about how “Speed of Light” is just another electric screamo release that lies along the veins of acts such as Asking Alexandria and Capture The Crown, then you are in for a very big surprise, if not a treat. For fans of techno trance music, post-hardcore, and progressive and technical metalcore, this is not the type of album you want to miss out on at all. It’s a new approach to the electric post-hardcore realm, and after giving the record a listen, you’ll likely be begging for more.

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Crinn - 24 Сентябрь 2012: That album cover is so cool...
Crinn - 24 Сентябрь 2012: I'm listening to the title track now on their SoundCloud profile...this is fucking trippy, no joke O.o
VesselsOfBlood - 24 Сентябрь 2012: First comment: Yeah, it really fits the electronic music. :D

Second comment: Ha ha, I can kind of imagine that. Hope you liked it! :)
Crinn - 24 Сентябрь 2012: I only listened to that one song, I'm probably gonna review it sometime down the road for my own benefit so that I can get an in-depth perspective on their music because I can sense a lot of complexity in their structure
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