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Band Name Fail Emotions
Album Name Transfornation
Type Album
Дата релиза 28 Декабрь 2010
Лейблы Self-Released
Музыкальный стильElectro Metal
Владельцы этого альбома8


 Intro (Teleportation)
 Suit & Tie
 Makes Bad
 Crossed Borderline
 Dance Macabre
 In the Mix (Electronic Trancestep Medley)
 Transfornation Pt. 1
 Transfornation Pt. 2

Total playing time: 50:26

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Обзор @ Satanicarchangel

22 Август 2013

Oh screw it, this is incredible!

Usually anything with the core suffix sends me running, personally I have a very low tolerance for that sort of stuff. Add electronic as a prefix and I'll be gone in a flash. Music like this usually causes the most uppermost fervent resentment with me resulting in a diabolical hatred reserved only for the nadir of music. Therefore it comes as a surprise that I thoroughly enjoyed Transfornation, it's pretty much got all the elements I hate in modern metalcore. Techno beats, auto tuned vocals, verse-chorus song structures, catchy vocal melodies, you know the drill. However Fail Emotions have managed to pull this off with a certain degree of grace and finesse that I find lacking in a lot if not all electronicore. The band manages to take a worn out and shallow musical formula and inject new life into it. Fail Emotions incidentally might be the first true tranecore artist, this band exemplifies everything this genre should stand for and does it in a way that I like way more than I would have expected.

Unlike most trancecore bands, Fail Emotions actually manage to combine both terms of the genre, CORE and TRANCE. Compared to other bands who are just generic post hardcore bands with added synthesizer content to try and cover up how shallow and generic their sound really is. Fail Emotions manage to inject a healthy dosage of trance into their sound, allowing their music to rise above legions upon legions of trancecore bands. Compared to shit like Asking Alexandria, Fail Emotions are actually adept in mixing trance with post hardcore, the two aren't firmly separated and are mixed together in a wholly organic way. The trance elements thankfully feel like a natural choice from the band rather than an afterthought. Admittedly being a huge fan of electronic music, I was greatly pleased with the way Fail Emotions were able to present them. They present both sides of the style in equal balance, creating what is possibly the first true fusion of trance and post hardcore the world has ever heard.

The guitar riffs certainly aren't the most innovative I've ever heard, in fact they're pretty conventional. Low end chugging and breakdowns broke apart by more upbeat segments, it's pretty standard affair and isn't that impressive on its own right. The vocals as well are pretty generic. There's an over abundance of effects on the clean vocals, but seeing as though they're aiming to incorporate elements from the electronic spectrum into their sound I can let it slide. Sure they sound synthetic as hell but then again so does a lot of electronic music. The harsh vocals are nothing new, mid to high range screams mixed with the occasional low growl to add some sense of diversity. They sure as hell aren't unique but certainly fit the music perfectly, of course I can't exactly complain about the vocals seeing as though they do fit remarkably well with the music but a few gutturals wouldn't of hurt the music. The vocal efforts do feel one sided in my opinion, they're not very diverse, sounding pretty monotone and generic throughout. Choosing to mix them up a bit more wouldn't have hurt the bands music at all, then again leaving them as they are isn't exactly a bad thing where the musics concerned. The clean vocals at first were hard to stomach for me, coming from someone with a background in death and black metal I found them to be quite, well irritating at first. They're obviously auto tuned to hell and that's something that usually irks me, but over time I've grown to accept that they're a prime addition to the bands sound. The track Shades is a great example of the clean vocals, sure they're edited beyond belief but at the end of the day good music is good music, and despite the very obvious edits they sound pretty good and are catchy as hell. They work well when mixed with the electronic beats and remind the listener that this is indeed trancecore and not some shitty fusion of post hardcore with random electronic content (Attack Attack! Anyone?). Continuing on with Shade, there's a pretty good rhythmic spoken word section near the end, usually anything even remotely approaching rapping pisses me off but here it works remarkably well. Also, the chorus in Shade is one of the catchiest things I've ever heard. That vocal melody is infectious as hell and once it gets stuck inside my head it stays there.

Of course, Fail Emotions biggest selling point will always be their use of electronic elements so I'll focus on them. The electronic elements take the form of trancestep which is a fusion of drum and bass and trance for all you uninitiated out there. Basically it's the structure and melodies of trance mixed in with the fast tempos, basslines and breakbeats of drum and bass. It's a pretty effective combination and works surprisingly well when mixed with the bands typical post hardcore. They typically float alongside the guitars, creating an eclectic and exhilarating element to the bands sound. The track In The Mix (Electronic Trancestep Medley) allows the synths to play on their own, creating a ridiculously catchy track that showcases the electronic talents of Fail Emotions.

I really enjoyed Transfornation surprisingly, from a genre that I thought would never release anything worthwhile, Fail Emotions come along and put me in my place. I'm really glad I discovered this album, it showcases a lot of talent on behalf of this young band and is a great album that I spin regularly. Highly recommended.

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