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Band Name Three Days Grace
Album Name One-X
Type Album
Дата релиза 13 Июнь 2006
Лейблы Zomba Label Group
Музыкальный стильAlternative Metal
Владельцы этого альбома197


1. It's All Over 04:29
2. Pain 03:23
3. Animal I Have Become 03:51
4. Never Too Late 03:29
5. On My Own 03:05
6. Riot 03:27
7. Get Out Alive 04:22
8. Let it Die 03:09
9. Over and Over 03:11
10. Time of Dying 03:08
11. Gone Forever 03:41
12. One-X 04:47
Bonustracks (Japanese Version)
13. Running Away 04:03
14. Animal I Have Become (Stripped Acoustic Version) 03:44
15. I Hate Everything About You (Acoustic Version) 03:53
Total playing time 55:42

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Three Days Grace

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Обзор @ Panzerjager

13 Февраль 2011

Accesible Alternative Metal With Punch

Mainstream Alternative Metal... most metalheads avoid it because there's quite some rubbish in this genre. Does popularity ensure quality? No, it doesn't. Do good mainstream Metal bands exist? Yes they do!
There are some exceptions, like we see with the band Three Days Grace. I got to know them by friends of me who are huge fans of this bands These Canadians made a serious popularity flight the last years with their mix of Alternative Metal, Grunge and Hardrock. Their second album One-X was musical bulls-eye and success wasn't far behind. Three Days Grace has grown up both lyrically and instrumentally and that can be clearly heard in this album.

The album One-X was written by Adam Gontier, the vocalist, while he was in rehab. In his lyrics he reflects his feelings during that rehab. This result in somewhat darker lyrics than what we heard in their previous self-titled album.
Gontier also explored some other approaches on the vocals. He shouts more often in this album and in 'Riot' he goes even a bit further. He's nearly screaming. But in the slower songs he still keeps a good clean vox.

Musically the band has become better too. The guitars are smoother and the drumming has technically improved. There are much references too their previous album but the sound has become more mature. The album makes a good balance between lighter songs, even in the direction of ballads, and songs with a healthy punch. The "catchiness" remains and will probably remain in their future albums. Songs like 'Animal I Have Become', 'Time of Dying' and 'Never Too Late' will be stuck in your ears for days.

In this album we are being served of 13 catchy Alternative Metal songs. Well performed, written and produced. Success guaranteed. What's wrong with it? Well this album lacks some innovativity by times. It's not that all songs sound the same but they all have a very clear link and are very comparable in style and sound. Three Days Grace is more daring here han in their previous album but a bit more innovation could made it even better.

I was very surprised when I met this band. Three Days Grace DO have serious potential and showed this in this album. They can handle harder and softer songs, vocally is everything fine. Some more innovation and this band is ready to distinct itself in the Alternative scene and far beyond.

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miniradman - 13 Февраль 2011: Its true, those songs you mentioned (especially Never Too Late) do get stuck in your head for weeks on end!
Mercenarion - 13 Февраль 2011: Personally, I hate Never Too Late, but the rest of the album is very good.
miniradman - 13 Февраль 2011: I listened to that song at the right time, so it got stuck there for a very long time :/
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