Of What's to Come

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Band Name Deeds Of Flesh
Album Name Of What's to Come
Type Album
Дата релиза 10 Ноябрь 2008
Лейблы Unique Leader Records
Музыкальный стильBrutal Death
Владельцы этого альбома100


1. Waters of Space
2. Eradication Pods
3. Unearthly Invent
4. Of What's to Come
5. Virvum
6. Century of the Vital
7. Harvest Temples
8. Dawn of the Next
9. Infecting Them with Falsehood

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Обзор @ Fabien

01 Декабрь 2008
Since the proper Mark of the Legion released in 2001, Deeds of Flesh had used the ear of listener a halt, Crown of Souls, dated last album released in 2005, is no exception. A prolonged absence of three years, and the departure of Jacoby Kingston, partner of Erik Lindmark since the beginning, leaving some doubts about the evolution of the band, among the brutal death pioneers in California, but now severely in competition with his neighbours Severed Savior, Odious Mortem, Decrepit Birth or Brain Drill, which are pushing the precision & technology always a little further, especially during the past three years.

Bouncing on the departure of Jacoby (always co-partner in label Unique Leader), Erik win the jackpot in recruiting not only a talented guitarist second, in the person of Sean Southern, but by hiring incredible Erlend Caspersen alongside his drummer Mike Hamilton, one of the best bass players on the current death metal scene, which is now a real star, in band such as unavoidable Blood Red Throne, Vile & Spawn of Possession.

With this fresh blood, Deeds of Flesh reaching renew itself while retaining his identity. The couple bass / drums of Erlend & Mike works very well indeed, Erlend providing square rhythms and technique at any point incredible, as his amazing parts on track Dawn of the Next. The contribution of Sean’s guitar brings along a lot of nuance to Erik's playing, who unfortunately took the annoying habit of recording all the guitar parts himself. Clearly inspired, the duo superimposes his riffs, like the goods Eradication Pods & Virvum, or the eponymous track, multiplying great solos & technical tips, like the latest missiles of Odious Mortem & Decrepit Birth.

Furthermore, Of What's to Come has finally be engineered with the relief & clarity expected, two characteristics often lacking in previous productions of Deeds of Flesh. However, the album still lacks truly significant breaks, or even interludes, which would have allowed the provision of increased colour and a genuine atmosphere, in addition to his amazing technique.

Perfectly highlighted by the illustrator Raymond Swanland, who designed the cover of last Ob(Servant) from Psycroptic, Of What's to Come is not yet the masterpiece of Deeds of Flesh, but instead contains a power and a depth, that undoubtedly fly as the album finally waited for several years, allowing the band to revive wisely, and release his seventh proud achievement, entirely dedicated to the underground brutal death scene.


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