Odinist - The Destruction of Reason by Illumination

Список групп Avantgardiste Black Blut Aus Nord Odinist - The Destruction of Reason by Illumination
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Band Name Blut Aus Nord
Album Name Odinist - The Destruction of Reason by Illumination
Type Album
Дата релиза 22 Октябрь 2007
Лейблы Candlelight Records
Музыкальный стильAvantgardiste Black
Владельцы этого альбома96


1. Intro 01:30
2. An Element of Flesh 05:31
3. The Sounds of the Universe 05:27
4. Odinist 05:02
5. A Few Shreds of Thoughts 04:51
6. Ellipsis 03:07
7. Mystic Absolu 04:31
8. The Cycle of the Cycles 05:19
9. Outro 01:39
Total playing time 36:57

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Blut Aus Nord

  • Intro | Blut Aus Nord
  • An Element of Flesh | Blut Aus Nord
  • The Sounds of the Universe | Blut Aus Nord
  • Odinist | Blut Aus Nord
  • A Few Shreds of Thoughts | Blut Aus Nord
  • Ellipsis | Blut Aus Nord
  • Mystic Absolu | Blut Aus Nord
  • The Cycle of the Cycles | Blut Aus Nord
  • Outro | Blut Aus Nord

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    29 Сентябрь 2009
    Blut Aus Nord is an avant-garde black metal band from France. In my collection of over 200 metal albums, this is the scariest black metal album that I have. So it is among my favorites. The title, The Desruction Of Reason By Illumination, came from a quote from Aleister Crowley. Vindsfall, guitarist and vocalist for Blut Aus Nord, is an occult book buff. Vindsfall began composing this album 2 days after finalizing their album MoRT. He went to work so early, because MoRT was such a disturbing album for him, that he wanted to get it off of his mind. They take their time when creating an album. Each song is written with about 25 to 30 pages of text, before they even begin to play it with their instruments. They don't use their music to express themselves. They use their music to express supernatural powers. They see themselves as clairvoyant mediums for supernatural forces. This album is a collection of horrifying and weird soundscapes. It's an extremely creepy album. Imagine a candle lit seance on pyscho-active drugs and seeing ghosts lurking about the shadows of the wavering flame. This album would make an excellent soundtrack for a dark horror movie. The vocals usually sound like a graspy whisper, like the voice of the crypt keeper on the 80s Tv show Tales From The Crypt. The guitar style is similar to Scandinavian high note grind or at many times like a middle eastern style. The bass is deep and its riffs start low then crawl up to higher notes. The keyboard sound is chilling and eerie. The drum play isn't so fancy, but the symbols add a lot to the macabre effect of the songs. The emphasis will continually shift onto a different instrument. At one moment, the bass will make an emphatic riff.Then the next moment the guitar will make an emphatic riff, and then the keyboards. This musical structure works well on this album and it worked well for Pink Floyd on their Animals album. Similar bands are Black Funeral or Krohm. My favorite song on the album is A Few Shreds Of Thoughts.

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