No Sacrifice, No Victory

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Band Name Hammerfall
Album Name No Sacrifice, No Victory
Type Album
Дата релиза 20 Февраль 2009
Лейблы Nuclear Blast
Музыкальный стильMelodic Power
Владельцы этого альбома361


1. Any Means Necessary 03:35
2. Life Is Now 04:43
3. Punish and Enslave 03:57
4. Legion 05:36
5. Between Two Worlds 05:28
6. Hallowed Be My Name 03:56
7. Something for the Ages 05:03
8. No Sacrifice, no Victory 03:32
9. Bring the Hammer Down 03:41
10. One of a Kind 06:14
11. My Sharona (The Knack Cover) 03:57
Total playing time 49:42

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Обзор @ Vinrock666

21 Декабрь 2009
Although there are select highlights throughout the record, Hammerfall’s 2009 LP release, "No Sacrifice, No Victory", suffers on the whole for lacking any semblance of creative ingenuity by maintaining a strict formula of repeating already exhausted power metal themes both musically and lyrically.

Hardly any of the songs in its totality are strong, but there are many little pieces of brilliance peppered throughout the album, and that is mainly due to the sheer playing and vocal abilities of the band. The ‘no mercy…’ lyric from “Any Means Necessary” has a strong melody and the solo is one of the most impressive on the album. “Between Two Worlds” is a surprising tune with its organ intro followed by an acoustic guitar backed first verse. The second movement on “One of a Kind” features an emotional soft pedal guitar sound. The sweetest addition (not counting “My Sharona” – a great song and on here a great cover) is perhaps guest star Jens Johansson from Stratovarius contributing a synthesizer solo on the instrumental “Something for the Ages”.

Hammerfall has some exceptional musicians in the group, and it can be surmised that the greatest aspect of the album is not exactly what they write but how they play. Joakim Cans is a very pleasant vocalist who not only excels at delivering clean notes in his high register, but can also rough it up with his chords just as well. “Life Is Now” may be the best song on the album because Cans’ voice is so clearly heard due to the bass line providing the only backdrop on both verses and final refrain. It also helps that the song is not only highly melodic but also delivers a most anthem-like hook. The soft “Between Two Worlds” also spotlights Cans delivery.

On the guitar side Oscar Dronjak and Pontus Norgren are shredders and are among today’s best, but a peculiar number of songs here have a slow to medium tempo. As with most power metal bands speed is what brings out the good stuff. On "No Sacrifice, No Victory" there simply isn’t enough allegro to really fly. The few exceptions include “Legion” and the title track “No Sacrifice, No Victory”, which have killer harmonizing lead duets. “Legion” also has the greatest set of alternating lead guitar solos on the album, and finally - with respect to Cans - “Something for the Ages” is from start to end the best showcase of speed and power metal guitar.

Unfortunately, most of the rest of the album is unoriginal, uninspired, cliché, and spent. Lyrically, "No Sacrifice, No Victory" is a joke – all of the material is stock and soulless. Songs centering on slower riffs suffer even more from the lack of poetry from these lame lyrical themes. “Legion”, with its attempt at being the evil track of the album with its demonic spoken word intro is simply laughable. Knowing that Hammerfall is a flag bearer of second generation German power metal, it isn’t enough anymore to simply mail in another batch of the same. Fans will disagree, but for those who measure any band’s work by their creative integrity, "No Sacrifice, No Victory" is in the end a very disappointing release.

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IronHorse - 21 Декабрь 2009: HammerFall is my No.1 FAV bend...I listen to their music for some years now and I think that this last album may be different cuz they lost Stefan who was realy a bad motherfucker and very,VERY important part of HammerFall...I remmember how sad i was when I heard that he left the band :/
There was times when I was trying to convince someone that Stefan isn't leading vocal of the band XD -few times...
Pontus? well...I belive that he's the reason why they made this album so slow but somehow solid...
I rly respect what U said up there about album...U're the reviwer - not me XD
I would like to see what U gonna write about their next album... BTW I think that HammerFall is a more heavy than power metal band...U can agree that they lack speed of power metal...
anyway,good work and sorry for my young english :)
\m/ *_* \m/
deathey - 22 Декабрь 2009: stupid review...

this is one of their greatest masterpieces,great'st masterpieces in power and also heavy metal history and your review just suck,'cuz you don't understand,what you're sayng.... noob,it's a shame...
TEFKE - 23 Декабрь 2009: Review is 100% correct. HF is one of my favourite bands but we must addmit that this album sucks big time. I hope they would come to their senses and give us some good stuff on next album.
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