Metsutan - Songs of the Void

Список групп Melodic Death Whispered Metsutan - Songs of the Void
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Band Name Whispered
Album Name Metsutan - Songs of the Void
Type Album
Дата релиза 20 Май 2016
Музыкальный стильMelodic Death
Владельцы этого альбома29


 Chi No Odori
 Exile of the Floating World
 Sakura Omen
 Our Voice Shall Be Heard
 Warriors of Yama
 Victory Grounds Nothing
 Bloodred Shores of Enoshima (a/ Gozuryu - b/ The Chord of a Goddess - c/ Divine Affection - d/ The Fury of the Five - e/ Tatsu-no-kuchi Yama)

Total playing time: 55:31

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Обзор @ Fonghuet

28 Июль 2017

Whispered offers us here an unprecedented journey, more intense and rich than its predecessors

Two years after a violent Macabre Shogunate and six years after a Thousand Swords epic, Whispered offers us their last battle trophy to get between their ears.

It starts with an intro just in the right amount of time. A Japanese in the distance launches the dance of Chi which immediately imbues us with an oriental mysticism. As soon as the immersion is started, Strike! We get in full force. Strike !, which had been offered to us in April, is superbly launching the ball. There are elements of a Whispered fit; Shouts of samurai warriors, shamishen, kotos and an energetic metal. Energetic, well structured, adorned with Japanese instruments. By learning to know it, it is easy to rock (or headbang) on ​​the 4 minutes 49 of the song.

The track is followed by Exile Of The Floating World which is bathed in Black Metal. Dark, intoxicated with darkness, with inspirations of circus music. This piece is a beautiful insight into the depth of the compositions and the soul that inhabits the album. Followed by Sakura Omen who serves as the ballad of middle album as have been Death Cold Inside and Lady Of The Wind, but less gentle and with more distortion. Probably the least rich piece of the album, but fortunately, something catched up afterwards.

The album features riffs and solos that are less likely to retain. Rich and gripping melodies are generously distributed throughout the album. Whether by guitars or Japanese instruments and symphonic orchestration. The sound is in the same line as Shogunate Macabre; More lively, sharper and more fatty. The mix is ​​very successful, the instruments take their place without walking on top of each other, the depth of the instruments creates a music in three dimensions that allows us to travel through time and imagination.

Whispered offers once again pieces all distinct from each other, with their own structure, many surprises and this, without falling into redundancy or walking on the feet.

The main theme is more emphasized on this album with stories of samurai skilfully enrobed with traditional tales and mythology. The narration is always at the rendezvous offering a very pleasant support. We feel the color of the artwork signed ToK through the music. The booklet is again very beautiful, with Japanese prints affixed on the washi.

Metsutan finished with a ten-minute play as usual. As much as the other pieces of this size were harder to hang all the way, Whispered managed to make us addicted to their twelve-minute piece this time. It is on this piece that the artwork takes its meaning with the legend of the dragon of the island of Enoshima and the goddess Benzaiten. Composed of four acts, it completes the album perfectly.

The album is very, very well built and mixed, but will require an effort of several listenings to the listener so that it understands and tames the offering that is offered to him.

Whispered offers us here an unprecedented journey, more intense and rich than its predecessors. Compared to Shogunate Macabre, the pieces are better tied together and more complicit to each other. One can feel the passion of music through this album of high quality. Music is built to create a set and not a support for some instruments. On this point, the group has gained much maturity by mastering this musical symbiosis.

I ended up with my album's great tracks: Exile Of The Floating World (03), Tsukiakari (07), Warriors of Yama (08), Victory Grounds Nothing (09) and Bloodred Shores Of Enoshima (10).

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