Live in Buenos Aires

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Band Name Beto Vázquez Infinity
Album Name Live in Buenos Aires
Type Video
Дата релиза 21 Март 2014
Лейблы BVM Records
Музыкальный стильSymphonic Metal
Владельцы этого альбома0


1. Cardassia and Bajor
2. Shadows Fall
3. Existence
4. Soliders of Hope
5. The Temple
6. Council of My Dreams
7. Cold Soul
8. Mystic
9. Arwen Song
10. Magical Moments of Time
11. Time of Reflection
12. Goddess of the Sea
13. Follow the Moonlight
14. Wizard
15. Burn (Deep Purple cover)
16. The Battle of the Past
17. The Tunnel of the Soul (Spanish version)
18. Outro

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Beto Vázquez Infinity