Knights of the Cross

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Band Name Grave Digger
Album Name Knights of the Cross
Type Album
Дата релиза 18 Май 1998
Лейблы GUN Records
BMG Records
Музыкальный стильSpeed Heavy
Владельцы этого альбома177


1. Deus Lo Vult 02:28
2. Knights of the Cross 04:36
3. Monks of War 03:38
4. Heroes of This Time 04:10
5. Fanatic Assassins 03:41
6. Lionheart 04:33
7. The Keeper of the Holy Grail 05:57
8. Inquisition 03:48
9. Baphomet 04:13
10. Over the Sea 03:51
11. The Curse of Jacques 04:53
12. The Battle of Bannockburn 06:42
13. Children of the Grave 04:26
Total playing time 56:56

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Комментарий @ Aronax

17 Декабрь 2006
Grave Digger is well known German heavy metal band, but Grave Digger never dissapointed their fans with some underachieve album, their sense to make good music was always enought to make at least good album. In 1998 Grave Digger released their Knights of the Cross album and bring new light to the heavy metal world. On the art we can see Well equiped rider on the horse haeding for one of most mysterious artifacts ever golden grail, behind his back we can see lots of dead muslems, only by the cover you can except promising album. I will skip intro and tell something about Knights of the Cross song, great power riff with double bit and very catchy arrangments, Chris's power voice telling us stories of the templars, and battle of Jerusalem, great song. Monks Of war is standard Grave Digger song with heavy middle tempo riffs. Fanatic Assassins is realy great song, great riffs with excellent voice and then in the middle of the song we can hear Hodjas call to jihad. One of the most GD songs is on this album Lionheart is heavy metal hymn with great guitar riff, not very complicated for playin but with such a power and speed, song is about Richard Lionheart king of England who spend most of his life fighting in the east (Legend of Robin Hood is from that time :)Keeper of the holy grail is good song, little slower but very Grave Digger, and then my favorite part of album :Baphomet - real heavy metal blasphemy great riffs with very melodic chorus, Inquisition is the same, both great songs, Curse Of Jaque is extraordinare metal piece, there is also very sad true story behind that song, It was in Paris, leader of the templar order Jaque was arrested by the order of the pope and burned on the main square in Paris, he cursed all his judges and they died at the same day he said.Templars were trialed for conspiracys with Satan and Over The Sea is telling of their banishment from Europe, some legends said they went to America and live with Indians. I can't think for better ending of great album then Battle Of Bannockburn, great song starting with baggpipes, very fast, very heavy.If someone is interested battle of Bannockburn is battle between Robert Bruce king of Scots and English when Robert banish English from Scotland.On this album Grave Digger sound perfect, production is on good level, all songs are very good and lyrics are better then ever, I think this is classical heavy metal piece and everyone should at least listen it once, but it is impossible after first time you will listen it until you die.

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