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Band Name For Today
Album Name Immortal
Type Album
Дата релиза 22 Май 2012
Лейблы Razor and Tie
Produced by Will Putney
Музыкальный стильMetalcore
Владельцы этого альбома58


 The King
 Stand Defiant
 The Call
 Open Eyes
 Under God (ft. Tommy Green of Sleeping Giant)
 Set Apart (ft. Jake Luhrs of August Burns Red)
 The Only Name (ft. Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D.)
 My Confession

 Fearless (Music Video)

Total playing time: 41:26

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Обзор @ VesselsOfBlood

13 Июль 2012

True Christian Core

Since the start of the 21st century, the music scene has given rise to several metalcore and hardcore acts that preach Christianity and God’s word, and the number of those kinds of bands still continues to grow. They’ve taken form all over the place in the United States, including up and rising bands such as A Past Unknown, Ark Of The Covenant, and Your Chance To Die. However, people who have always followed this growth of the Christian hardcore scene for a while likely have heard of the great Sioux City rockers For Today. They began to walk among the Christian metal masses since 2005, and they already have attracted countless fans over the past years with their faithful metallic hardcore tunes. However, after their contract with Christian metal label Facedown Records had expired after the release of “Breaker” in 2010, For Today has moved on to the famed Razor and Tie, the home of metalcore legends All That Remains. This was quite interesting news, because they have been signed to Facedown Records for such a long time, and now they’ve landed a new record label. In 2012, For Today releases their first album on this new label and their fourth full-length entitled “Immortal.” Here, For Today serves up 11 tracks that should reel in some new fans and highly satisfy their old and loyal followers.

It’s only been a couple of years since the release of “Breaker,” and the musicianship of this band is as stellar as ever. Mattie Montgomery’s vocal range is quite versatile, reaching from low growls to hardcore shouts and screams to high-pitched snarls. The clean singing sounds bolder and stronger than it was back in “Breaker,” and that does say a lot. The guitars are much heavier and abrasive than they ever were in the band’s previous efforts, and their melody shines throughout the course of the whole record. That constant melody pulls “Immortal” together as one solid and flowing album as opposed to a thrown-together jumble of random songs. The drums are also very solid and sound perfect for the heavy melodic hardcore that this band has to offer. As it always has in their preceding works, For Today’s musicianship in “Immortal” continues to thrive.

However, For Today’s musicianship is not the only reason to like “Immortal;” it should also be praised for how true and dynamic the writing is. This album is a perfect example of a record where a band really stays true to its old roots. In fact, the tracks found in this record may bring out some memories of their older hits that their loyal fans grew to love. These tracks bring back what made the band’s previous acts good and memorable and distinguishable from each other and seamlessly mix them together into one single album, proving that For Today has really progressed over the years. The best example of this, and easily the best track the record has to offer, would be the second track “Fearless.” It takes the musical technicality of “Ekklesia,” the mosh-stirring hardcore in “Portraits,” and the melody and singing choruses from “Breaker,” and weaves them all together into one heavy masterpiece. It is both uplifting and unflinching, and that’s the real beauty of this song. Another recommended track from “Immortal” would be the title track. It reminds why old fans of For Today started to like this band in the first place; it’s dynamic, switching constantly but gracefully from slow and heavy hardcore breakdowns to rapid melodic metal tempos, and adrenaline-pumping, both simultaneously and fantastically.

On the other hand, some of the tracks in particular are simply on opposite sides of the musically dynamic coin. “Set Apart,” featuring Jake Luhrs from famed Christian metalcore band August Burns Red, is rather fast-paced and packed with lots of melodic punches. The only exception from this track’s constant energy and speed is the very last part of it, where it once again springs into a hardcore breakdown. Luckily, the guitars continue to lift the melody in the background of that breakdown as they did before in the song, so there’s no need to worry that “Set Apart” is merely a pumped-up track with an ending that was just crammed in there. “Under God,” however, is pretty much the opposite of that. It features Tommy (or Thom) Green, the vocalist for Christian hardcore act Sleeping Giant, and it’s probably the most hardcore-oriented track in “Immortal.” It has a bit of a steadier and slower pace than the rest of the track list, and it uses its room of opportunity to use that steady velocity to give out a heavier and more solid beat for the listener. All of this ultimately comes to show that For Today really knows how to play their music, slow or fast, and it therefore shows how versatile “Immortal” is as a whole.

Immortal” is one fine and heavy effort. It is solid and clear proof that For Today has really matured and progressed as a band that’s been around for a while, both in musicianship and songwriting. The vocals and instruments put together match up perfectly, and the dynamics of the whole track list make “Immortal” even more enjoyable. It’s the fusion of solid and speed-shifting melodic hardcore that really makes this album so enjoyable, and everything ends up flowing very well. While there are a few issues with this record, which include somewhat overly preachy and generic lyrics and the fact that the music alone isn’t all totally new, the strengths of this record are plenty enough to patch up those errors for anyone to really notice. Fans of the Christian metal and hardcore scene must check this album out at all costs. While For Today doesn’t bring anything truly new to the table or raise their metallic hardcore genre to new heights, “Immortal” is still one great record that’s worth a try.

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hailmonster - 13 Июль 2012: Thanks for the review. For Today has always been a pretty solid band.
VesselsOfBlood - 13 Июль 2012: Thanks for thanking me! :)
Yeah, I say this is one of their best and most solid releases since "Ekklesia."
Crinn - 30 Октябрь 2012: blehh...really heavy, but meh....the breakdowns are WAY overdone
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