I Krig

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Band Name Vreid
Album Name I Krig
Type Album
Дата релиза 08 Май 2007
Лейблы Indie Recordings
Музыкальный стильBlack Metal
Владельцы этого альбома83


1. Jarnbyrd 06:29
2. Under Isen 03:35
3. I Krig 08:40
4. Vaepna Lengsel 04:03
5. Svart 03:53
6. Folkefiendar 03:57
7. Dei Daude Steig av Grav 05:12
8. Fangegard 03:58
9. Millom Hav og Fjell 05:14
Total playing time 45:01

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Комментарий @ hack

16 Сентябрь 2009
This is the band's 3rd album. 3 members of this quartet were members of the band Windir, until Valfar, the band's leader died of exposure on a hiking trip during a Norwegian blizzard in January of 2004. They recorded this album in their own studio called Studio 1184. I Krig means at war in Norwegian. The album is about the Nazi occupation of Norway during World War II. The lyrics were taken from a Norwegian poetry collection from 1946, which was hard to translate into English. So the lyrics were written in Norwegian. This is a more diverse album than their previous albums. It displays moods of rage and sadness that come with a war in your homeland. Though the songs are pretty heavy, they are folkish, similar to Thyrfing or Taake. Some of the songs are faster than others, but they all rock. A violin or fiddle is used in some songs. It's got good rythm and a good beat throughout with a few flashy guitar solos. My favorite song is Jarnbyrd.

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