Exhibit B: the Human Condition

Список групп Bay Area Thrash Exodus Exhibit B: the Human Condition
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Band Name Exodus
Album Name Exhibit B: the Human Condition
Type Album
Дата релиза 07 Май 2010
Лейблы Nuclear Blast
Музыкальный стильBay Area Thrash
Владельцы этого альбома347


 The Ballad of Leonard and Charles
 Beyond the Pale
 Hammer and Life
 Class Dismissed (a Hate Primer)
 March of the Sycophants
 Burn, Hollywood, Burn
 The Sun Is My Destroyer
 A Perpetual State of Indifference
 Good Riddance
 Devil's Teeth

Total playing time: 01:18:28

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Обзор @ hack

06 Июль 2010
Founded and named by guitar phenom, Kirk Hammett, in 1980. These early progenitors of Bay Area Thrash have encountered many setbacks in their rise to stardom. Such as long vacations in rehab centers and numerous lineup changes. Most notable among those was when Kirk Hammett ditched the band to join Metallica, in 1983. His guitar skills were a great fit with that band and he enjoyed immediate success. However, in recent years, Metallica has been putting out kiss ass albums. While Exodus has been putting out kick ass albums.

Exhibit B: the Human Condition is a sequel album to their 2007 release, The Atrocity Exhibition...Exhibit A. The album art looks like a dark spin off of Leonardo Da Vinci's work, The Vitruvian Man. It depicts a skeleton, instead of a man. There are weapons in most of his hands and a suicide bomb strapped to his waist. This album debuted at #114 on the Billboard 200 chart.

This is their meanest album yet, with a very hateful and misanthropic attitude. The Ballad Of Leonard And Charles is about the tag team of serial killers; Leonard Lake and Charles Ng, whose unusual methods were dicovered 110 miles east of San Francisco in 1985. The song is hardly a ballad, it's a violent thrasher. Class Dismissed (A Hate Primer) is about a university massacre. Nanking is about how Japanese soldiers brutally massacred 200,000 civilians in a Chinese city in 1937.

Every song is very harsh and ugly. Most of these songs are blazing fast. It's a long album, many of the songs are about 7 minutes long. There is a lot of shredding, killer breakdowns, and blast beats. They make great use of the bass, with crunchy melodies. Most of these songs were written by Gary Holt, who hasn't lost his poison pen, after all of these years with the band. I can't compare this music with any band other than Exodus. They have a very original style. This is an outstanding album and a good candidate for album of the year.

These guys have been busier than bees in a soda can, with their lengthy touring schedule. At their gig that I saw last March, vocalist Rob Dukes told us that their new album would be their darkest and most brutal one yet. He wasn't bullshitting. Exhibit B: the Human Condition will beat the fuck out of you. Then when the album is over, you'll want to hit the replay button, to take it on for another bout. Buy this one, you need it!

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hack - 07 Июль 2010: I couldn't find a video from their new album, to put on this review. So I put on this recent live video, with a song from Bonded By Blood.
psycho_metal - 07 Июль 2010: Nice review.
Exodus' always been one of my favrite thrash bands, and the new album kicks some major ass, especially Nanking.
Demogorefest - 07 Июль 2010: damn, just got done listening to most of the album. it's definantly the most Brutal Exodus album yet, it almost borders on Death/Thrash in parts, Peter Tagtgren's backing vocals are awesome too
Rui_Casola - 15 Август 2010: i guess the new Exodus is just fuckin awesome! i really have to get this album!!!
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