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Band Name Within Temptation
Album Name Enter
Type Album
Дата релиза Апрель 1997
Лейблы DSFA Records
Музыкальный стильGothic Doom
Владельцы этого альбома425


 Pearls of Light
 Deep Within

Total playing time: 45:47

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Комментарий @ Ramycoj

05 Январь 2012

Wonderfull album

Mother Earth is the second album from this band from Holland. Their first album, which also emerged in Brazil, called Enter, and abounds in talent and music. Debut was so good that everyone wondered if the band could release a better successor. And they did! The hardest part about doing a review of a CD is to classify your style, especially today, since we have a multitude of sub-divisions of the old metal.

The WT is essentially a band of Doom Metal. Mother Earth has evolved considerably over its debut, maintaining its characteristic doom, but with a slightly Faster tempo in some songs. The title track and Ice Queen (which gave rise to a PE) are the best on the album and are probably among the top five that the sextet has composed.

Ice Queen in the talent of Sharon Latente. Sua's angelic voice is attached to the climate created by the keyboard gives the air a music soundtrack. Caged in a little back to the climate of the first album, a song pretty heavy and slow. Within Temptation The Firm its name as one of the best bands of the style. A good choice for those who got tired of hearing non-stop double bass and guitar solos. For the fanatics by the band, a European limited edition contains a bonus CD with clips, a game, screensaver, wallpaper, making of the CD recording and photo session for the album cover, and a great bonus track, World of Make Believe.

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