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Band Name Melechesh
Album Name Emissaries
Type Album
Дата релиза 30 Октябрь 2006
Лейблы Osmose Productions
Recorded at Woodhouse Studios
Музыкальный стильThrash Black
Владельцы этого альбома215


 Rebirth of the Nemesis
 Ladders to Sumeria
 Deluge of Delusional Dreams
 Touching the Spheres of Sephiroth
 Double Helixed Sceptre
 The Scribes of Kur
 Leper Jerusalem
 Sand Grain Universe
 Emissaries and the Mysterium Magnum

 Extemporized Ophtalmic Release

Total playing time: 55:34

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Обзор @ Polonium

30 Декабрь 2013

Messengers to King Anu...

I am not going the conventional way which many critics have adopted dealing with Melechesh, for most of the articles I have read thus far start with an attempt to define the name “Melechesh” and the origin of this word. And since this definition had been broadly adopted, I am to skip and move to talk about the importance of such a lyrical theme this band is dealing with; those guys are talking about a history that goes back to 4000 BC and are telling the the stories of different people lived in this region (Middle, Near and Far East) long before us.

But for Melechesh it was not enough to talk only about historical and mythical theme, but it looks like they wanted to show a blind devotion to the ancient culture of this region, so they included their music with a massive load of oriental elements that created a hybrid called oriental black/death metal.

In this review I will focus on their 2006 album (Emissaries) with which I got to know Melechesh and had the curiosity to closer examine the lyrical theme they have been adopting.
It looks like that Ashmedi is fond with the charms of middle eastern mythology from the very beginning, and (Emissaries) is not an exception for that matter.

The first six tracks are truly a master piece, altogether strong, stead forward, aggressive and impressive, all the holy atmosphere created with the use of the oriental instruments makes you sink deep down into a world long forgotten, lore long missed and wisdom long abandoned and lost in the sands of time.
Then comes the seventh track “The Scribes of Kur”, well, to be honest, it is a little bit boring, but nevertheless of great importance for the whole thing, why? Well it really makes you feel that you have reached a point in your journey where you can relax for a little while and take a deep breath, then the storm rages again with the start of the eighth track till the end.

Musically speaking, the fusion created with the use of oriental instruments is awesome. Oriental tones mixed with those thunderous and great drums, brilliant guitar riffs and solos, and the screaming voice of Ashmedi that comes in the right place. Also the quality of the record counts in such a genre and adds more points for Melechesh's (Emissaries).

And for my favorite part, the lyrics, these finely composed poems comes in handy, and more than enough for anyone to learn about those ancient times and how people thought of themselves and of others, the culture, religion and all the stories of might of those long gone before us.
Even the use of Arabic lines in Rebirth of the Nemesis gave more credibility and sense of reality to the listener.

The cover art for the album is nicely done with the restless tower of Babylon in the background.

A final word... stop reading, get the album and start listening.

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miniradman - 30 Декабрь 2013: A very well written and informative review, nice work
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Комментарий @ hack

19 Сентябрь 2009
This is one of the best metal gems that Ive found on I-tunes. This is the bands 4th album and judging by the samples that they allow, this sounded the best, along with very high recomendations from other metalheads on Itunes. It kicks ass from top to bottom with the exception of the acoustic song. Its a high octane thrash album with expert musicians and cool vocals like that of enslaved. It thrashes along in a mideastern style that is very unique. It is very energetic with its guitar play and it almost sounds psychodelic at times with its mediteranean touch. Its very sophisticated and nearly like techno-metal. Dont miss out on this bad-ass album!

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