Carved in Stigmata Wounds

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Band Name Secrets Of The Moon
Album Name Carved in Stigmata Wounds
Type Album
Дата релиза 22 Апрель 2004
Лейблы Lupus Lounge
Музыкальный стильProgressive Black
Владельцы этого альбома60


Song "Dust" was performed by Cornelius Waldner (Sagittarius)
The album was published in three different editions. One regular CD, a limited digipack-version containing a 4-track bonus-CD (The Ambience of a Dead Star), and a limited double-LP.
The album is split into three parts.
Part one is called 'Prophecy' and includes tracks 1-4.
Part two is called 'Destiny' and includes tracks 5-7.
Part three is called 'Extinction' and includes tracks 8-10.
1. Crowns 03:17
2. Cosmogenesis 07:03
3. Miasma 08:03
4. Psychoccult Hymn 07:11
5. To the Ultimate Embers and Ash 07:35
6. Kaosthrone 07:45
7. Evolution Valour Admission 09:06
8. Epoch 07:09
9. Carved in Stigmata Wounds 12:22
10. Dust 02:32
Bonustracks (The Ambience of a Dead Star)
11. The Lonesome 04:41
12. The Devils Tempest 09:01
13. The Rite of Mercury 04:58
14. The Protagonist (w/ Nostalgia) (Thelema Re-Mix) (Dead Can Dance Cover) 07:26
Total playing time 1:11:58