Carelian Satanist Madness

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Band Name Satanic Warmaster
Album Name Carelian Satanist Madness
Type Album
Дата релиза 30 Июнь 2005
Лейблы No Colours Records
Музыкальный стильBlack Metal
Владельцы этого альбома203


  The Vampiric Tyrant
 Carelian Satanist Madness
  True Blackness
Listen 04:09
 My Dreams of 8
 Eaten by Rats
 My Kingdom of Darkness
Listen 03:41
 Blessed Be, the Grim Art!

Total playing time: 40:56

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Satanic Warmaster

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Обзор @ Gorlitharius

21 Июнь 2016

One of the best BM albums

To write a review about Satanic Warmaster (SW) is difficult because of their political orientation. Because of this, I will focus here solely on the music and not the lyrics. Everyone who listens to SW should be clear about the ideology SW represents and partially processed in their lyrics.

Satanic Warmaster is a Finnish black metal band that was founded by an ex-member of the also Finnish BM band Horna.

This album can be described as a classic BM album. The atmosphere is unique, the production as in the BM usual rather poor. But this poor production reduces by no means the quality, but also contributes to the unique atmosphere. In addition to a typically fast and raw piece (True Blackness), which is similar to the Norwegian BM-style, there are also more melodic songs (for example, The Vampiric Tyrant). The term "melodic" here is not meant negatively, it still is classic BM. The title track "Carelian Satanist Madness" is one of the longest on this album and can, at least partially, recognize influences from pagan metal - so true in this piece, in my opinion, the term Pagan Black to. In "My Kingdom of Darkness", it also is a melodic, yet rough piece - one of the best songs on this album. The last song "Blessed Be, The Grim Arts" is assigned no BM, but rather Ambient. Here, special emphasis is on the atmosphere set (using an organ), but particularly as Outro it is excellent.

In short: "Carelian Satanist Madness" is possibly the best BM album that has so far been published.

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Комментарий @ CLucker666

04 Июль 2012

Pure raw Black Metal!!

Well over this past month I haven't written any reviews but I have recently been listening to a lot of black metal so I decided to review one of my favorite albums of the genre. This album is not amazingly different from most raw black metal albums, there is just one thing that really grabs my attention. The riffs!! They are so catchy and have such good structure. There raw, fast, and a lot more creative than most. I think the first two tracks actually have the best riffs along with track 7.

Well the riffs are not all that is great about this album. The vocals are also very great. They are pretty much all high pitched shrieks but I really love them. They fit perfectly and I see no faults in them.

The drumming is pretty much your standard black metal drumming and is filled with your average beats and fast double bass along with a lot of blast beats. At some points throughout the album he does get a lot faster than most, like in the song 666.

My favorite track is Carellian Satanist Madness. The reason I like it so much is definitely the riffs and the insanely good chorus about a werewolf. It is over 8 minutes long(longest track on the album) and it is so good that I listened to it 35 times in a row yesterday.

This band is made of one man doing all the instruments but he obviously plays live with other people. I think if one man can come up with all of these riffs, amazing lyrics and actually make songs like his then he is pure fucking genius. In all honesty I think this album is better than anything Varg Vikernes has ever done with the exception of Filosofem.

Well back to the album, It is just about as "Kvlt" and black metal as it gets and if you want some pure black metal then this is the album for you. I know this is kind of a short review but theirs not much to say other than great riffs, catchy choruses, really good vocals, and a must listen to all black metal heads out there.

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Crinn - 04 Июль 2012: Satanic Warmaster's BEST album and it's the album with the BEST logo. I don't agree that this is better than all but one of Burzum's albums (it's better than some, but not most). Congrats on making the reviewer's team, man!
miniradman - 05 Июль 2012: Nice review dude...
CLucker666 - 06 Июль 2012: yeah i might exaggerated a little bit with the burzum thing and thanks guys!!
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