Babez for Breakfast

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Band Name Lordi
Album Name Babez for Breakfast
Type Album
Дата релиза 15 Сентябрь 2010
Музыкальный стильHard Rock
Владельцы этого альбома152


1. SCG5: It's a Boy! 01:21
2. Babez for Breakfast 03:29
3. This Is Heavy Metal 02:59
4. Rock Police 03:57
5. Discoevil 03:49
6. Call Off the Wedding 03:31
7. I Am Bigger Than You 03:04
8. ZombieRawkMachine 03:42
9. Midnite Lover 03:20
10. Give Your Life for Rock and Roll 03:54
11. Nonstop Nite 03:56
12. Amen's Lament to Ra 00:32
13. Loud and Loaded 03:15
14. Granny's Gone Crazy 03:55
15. Devil's Lullaby 03:42
Bonustracks (Japanese Release)
16. Lord Have Mercy 03:18
17. Studs and Leather 03:27
Total playing time 48:26

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Обзор @ psycho_metal

11 Сентябрь 2010
Normally, i'm not really informed about new releases, i always discover them one or two months after they come out, and normally i don't do reviews, but what the heck.
Lordi's goal was always to sound as 80s as possible, and just when you think that it can't be more 80s than The Arockalypse, you get this one hit in your face. The album isn't physically out yet, it's uploaded on Myspace. When the intro kicked in, i have to admin that it scared the shit out of me, it sounded like one of those bizarre horror films from (what else) the 80s, i thought the album would be like Deadache, but when the first track came, i knew this one was far away from Deadache. It had a to say it..."lighter" and "happier" sound than any Deadache song. Although the producer was the legendary Michael Wagener, the production is not very well, but maybe that's just the crappy Myspace quality.
You can also hear that Lordi use more keyboards on this album than on any other. Hell, in some songs I hear more keyboards than guitars, the keyboard is the lead guitar, to say it so. Oh, wait, there's also a historical song: Amens Lament to Ra, the thing is that Lordi have used acoustic guitar for the first time!

I must say that this album is the most 80s album I've heard (even more 80s than some 80s albums i know), if I wouldn't know it better, I would think that it comes straight from the year 1986. When Kiss, Accept, and Wasp made an album together, it would be pretty much like this one. The most Kiss-like song of Lordi is Give Your Life for Rock n Roll, I don't know about you guys, but when I heard this one, I saw KISS in big letters in front of me, I'm not so big into Kiss to tell this, but if Paul Stanley was on vocals, then it would make it as a Kiss song. Now this sounds pretty good, right? Unfortunately, it isn't as great as it sounds, there are some songs that actually sound pretty much the same (or like some older Lordi songs), but that's just my opinion. All in all the album is pretty catchy and enjoyable, it's 80s, it's not as dark as Deadache, it's 80s, and although there are some songs that sound alike, the album is pretty different from what Lordi have made till now, it's 80s, it shows that Lordi didn't lose their sense for humor (with titles like Granny's Gone Crazy [check the lyrics by the way], Babez for Breakfast and Zombierawkmachine), it's 80s, it's heavy and did i mention that it's pretty 80s?

Recommendable songs: Babez for Breakfast (my favorite), This Is Heavy Metal, Granny's Gone Crazy, Zombierawkmachine.

Songs not so good: Call off the Wedding (sorry but it didn't do anything for me), Rock Police (damn, always when I hear this one, I have to think about those porno cops)

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paula - 21 Сентябрь 2010: eu ainda não escutei o albun, mas tenho certeza que é d+, lordi É A BANDA eu adoro....mal espero para ouvi-los.
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