All Guts, No Glory

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Band Name Exhumed (USA)
Album Name All Guts, No Glory
Type Album
Дата релиза 05 Июль 2011
Лейблы Relapse Records
Музыкальный стильDeath Grind
Владельцы этого альбома88


Disc 1
 All Guts, No Glory
 As Hammer to Anvil
 Your Funeral, My Feast
 Through Cadaver Eyes
 Death Knell
 Distorted and Twisted to Form
 I Rot Within
 Dis-assembly Line
 So Let It Be Rotten... So Let It Be Done

Total playing time: 36:06

Disc 2 - Bonustracks (Deluxe Edition)
 The Way of All Flesh
 To Wake the Dead
 Cold Caress
 Necromaniac 2011
 Forged in Fire (Formed in Flames) 2011

Total playing time: 18:00

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Обзор @ Flizombie

03 Сентябрь 2011

Return the chainsaw

An introduction that reminds me of ... A Cacophonous Crescendo Of Cadaverous Crepitation? But this time, 64 bit drilling the brains to melt, and an instant " As Hammer To Anvil" not disappointed at all with flair" Death "with the brutality that characterized them both. This song reminds me of "The matter of splatter" made more angry, the way of singing where the voice growl gives an introduction to a sentence you just the same guts and Matt Harvey on deformation caused by a hammer. In other songs like "Your Funeral, My Feast" or "I Rot Within" have a dramatic melodic touch that "Impaled" or those songs like "Nativity Obscene" (I miss this kind of song) that you entered in a subtle to putrefaction, that if, talking about obscene atrocities, as we all love.
There are songs like "Distorted and twisted to form" sounding thrash metal rotten, is this deve a "Scarecrow"? Or do I get the feeling they want to do something like "Repulsion"? I say mostly because "Funereality" the first 40 seconds is a mixture of the second riff of "pestilence decay" of Repulsion and riff to Metallica.

The "Solos" I think what I like, with its reverb and melody, but above these "Solos" is "Necrotized" I loved this song since the first time I heard it is a song very barbaric touch bass solo while singing Matt, is a new thing I hear from Exhumed, and sudden stoppages guitar riff that is in the accompaniment of "Solo" also riffs after continue to accompany ... It's a song I like, a perfect song for a potential Psychokiller.

"So Let It Be Rotten ... So Let It Be Done" is the best way to end this piece of album, a song that is still a prototype, an improvised riffs structure that alter the order of harmony, may be more faithful to the song's later work. Other things to note about the album, the sound is much cleaner sound than "Anatomy Is Destiny" and a sharper drums, Matt's voice does not become quite as before, and also highlight the deep voice has ceased to be more "dark" to be more "aggressive" and direct, no more dark atmosphere, and also the overall sound is more aggressive than scary.

In short, I like the album, I put a good score more than anything also that the returns have never been easy to exhume and have done very well, I expected something like that, I would say it's the best album of 2011 but even to finish the year and I can not certify it. A recommended album, the only thing I can not say that I like 100% is the cover, I like the idea of ??zombies, but they appear dressed as zombies ... ... I prefer the deluxe edition with the saw blood.

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Обзор @ Crinn

19 Март 2012

Exhumed retrieves all the guts they left behind and take all the glory with it.

Exhumed released three albums during several years surrounding the turn of the century. Since then, they have become one of the most respected and loved death grind bands ever along with Cattle Decapitation, Dying Fetus, and Carcass. I’ve been listening to Exhumed for about two years and was taken by surprise to hear that they had gotten back together and were going to release a new album. My favorite Exhumed album (before I heard this one) was Slaughtercult. My least favorite is the last album that they released with original material in 2003. With that weak (compared to their other two albums) release being the last original material they had shown the world, I was a little bit skeptical about the new album. But when I saw the reviews that the critics that had been given advance promo copies, I was convinced. Since then, I’ve seen them live when they toured for this album last year with Macabre, Cephalic Carnage, and Withered, where I was blown away by the violence and brutality these old-farts brought to us Seattleites.

As far as the more brutal albums go, this is in my mind one of the best metal albums released in 2011 along with Agony (my favorite release of 2011, but there were TONS of AMAZING records released during that year). Although at the concert, I only had enough money to buy a sticker and a small button/pin (whatever you call it), I can guarantee you that I will be picking up a fresh copy of this when The Summer Slaughter Tour passes through this summer. Although the music behind the two classics (Slautercult and Gore Metal) are unforgettable and ground-breaking, the quality of the production and sound really got in the way at times; mainly when I was listening to them on my Zune (Microsoft’s version of the iPod) because the treble is blisteringly loud. The overall sound on All Guts, All Glory is EXACTLY what I needed!

I feel sort of guilty for saying this, but this album makes the earlier Exhumed material look amateur and unorganized. Although that sounds harsh (remember, I LOVE their earlier material), if you look at the song structure from a more critical perspective, the songs on this record are a lot cleaner and less “quickly slapped together”. The band is also tighter, so that makes it much easier for there to be more dramatic transitions and pauses without having someone start playing before everyone else. The guitar solos aren’t PURE shredding, the guitarists really improved their technique and musicianship during their time off. So there is an obvious increase in professionalism and creativity in the guitar solos alone. Not only that, the background music actually changes during the guitar solos to help them stand out; so it doesn’t sound like everyone’s playing as loud as they fucking can to try to get above the other instruments (although that probably wasn’t ever their intention in the first place, it just sounds like it).

The vocals sound much more developed, especially the screams. The screams in Gore Metal (not so much in Slaughtercult) get a little bit irritating and wonky at times just because they sound really undeveloped. But remember, there’s nothing wrong with that as long as they get better over time, and they have…A HELL OF A FUCKING LOT! Of course, when I saw them, they played the intro track before the two guitarists and the bassist flipped their guitars, showing the stickers on the backs of their instruments, each one having one word, eventually spelling out GORE. FUCKING. METAL. Right after that, Exhumed charged into As Hammer to Anvil. For people that are new to Exhumed, this actually a great album to start out with (although their first two albums are ESSENTIAL). For people that have been listening to Exhumed for a while and haven’t heard this record yet…HEAR IT! I would give All Guts, No Glory 18/20.

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