War Is the Answer

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Band Name Five Finger Death Punch
Album Name War Is the Answer
Type Album
Data de lançamento 22 Setembro 2009
Produced by Kevin Churko
Estilo de MúsicaMetalcore
Membros têm este álbum222


1. Dying Breed 02:54
2. Hard to See 03:29
3. Bulletproof 03:16
4. No One Gets Left Behind 03:23
5. Crossing Over 02:54
6. Burn It Down 03:33
7. Far from Home 03:32
8. Falling in Hate 03:00
9. My Own Hell 03:35
10. Walk Away 03:42
11. Canto 34 04:09
12. Bad Company (Bad Company Cover) 04:22
13. War Is the Answer 03:18
Bonustrack (iTunes)
14. Walk Away (Live) 03:40
Bonustracks (Deluxe Edition)
14. Succubus (B-Side) 03:09
15. Undone 03:43
Total playing time 45:07

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Crítica @ Spoonerismz

21 Outubro 2009
I'm really not for bands that are driven by anger and sing about hate and the pain inside. But there's something about Five Finger Death Punch that just makes me love them. Maybe it's the name, maybe it's front man Ivan Moody's voice that keeps the songs angry and melodic, or maybe it's just 'cause they're Five Finger Death Punch.

One thing is for certain, though: War Is the Answer is an excellent album. The band's first release, Way of the Fist, presented musicians who made metal and had fun with it and received positive reviews. For the sophomore album, 5FDP decided to pull in new guitarist Jason Hook, which may have been an excellent choice.

Jason took charge of all the solos on the album, which, if I may say, are surprisingly great. The first album's solos were done by now rhythm guitarist Zoltan Bathory and were all done with an echo that became somewhat repetitive. Hook ditches the echo and creates melodic solos that will catch your attention. His work on "Hard to See", the first single from the album, is easily impressive.

Speaking of impressive, Ivan Moody is the start of the album. Moody's vocals are 50/50 split between screaming and singing and fit into every song (Save "Canto 34', the album's instrumental) perfectly. Moody also stands out on "Hard to See", mainly the chorus, where his voice will nearly put you into a trance. His lyrics are much more open with hate and war topics, but Moody puts so much emotion into his voice on several tracks, such as (Again) "Hard to See", "Far From Home", "No One Gets Left Behind", and "Crossing Over".

The band holds up the entire album, their instrumentation showing off on every track. Bassist Matt Snell provides backing vocals while playing bass, where they go great with Moody's screams on the album's opener "Dying Breed." Zoltan and Hook provide excellent guitars and drummer Jeremy Spencer keeps pounding away with every chance he gets.

The band seems to have gotten a tiny bit softer compared to their previous record. While more melody and emotion has been put into the music, there is much more clean and acoustic and even strings on a track ("Far From Home"). It isn't exactly a bad thing that they softened up a bit, but remember their name is FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH. That doesn't really seem like the name for a band to make soft music.

All in all, Five Finger Death Punch put out an excellent follow up to their first album, not letting too much go and moving forward with their heads held up high. The band does have their angry tracks, and while I may not be terribly fond on bands that are all about "anger, hate, and the pain inside", I can't help but love these songs. If you're not too crazy about this stuff, then you may want to pass these guys over and look elsewhere. Still, give them a try; you may be surprised.

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Celldweller55 - 25 Janeiro 2011: Amazing album, thanks for your post !
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Crítica @ Crinn

27 Julho 2012

Modern nu metal influenced by Pantera and Slipknot

Yes, I know that Five Finger Death Punch (5FDP) destroyed their reputation (and career) with their third album, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about, so I won’t even let that album influence my opinion on this album. So before these guys turned into a hard rock band, they released two nu metal records. I first discovered them in 2008 when I was just really getting into metal. I think that I heard them at the right time because I was listening to a lot of nu metal and alternative metal (Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, Korn, Slipknot, Staind, Taproot, Mudvayne, etc.) around the time that I first heard The Bleeding on the radio (yes, I used to listen to the radio). Even today, I still get chills when I listen to that extremely emotional anger-driven song that contains more power than the entire album. Apparently, The Way of the Fist received very positive reviews from critics worldwide. All that happened after that was opening for Disturbed on some big tour they did and then 5FDP was one of the most talked-about metal bands in both the mainstream and underground metal communities.

Yes, it’s true; I’ve talked to grindcore and diehard death metal fans that say that they have a guilty pleasure for 5FDP’s first two records (as do I). So after I was familiar with The Way of the Fist, I heard somewhere that the band had released a new album (this was sometime during the summer of 2009, I can’t remember exactly when it was). I got ahold of a copy and listened with great excitement. It turns out that 5FDP passed the “sophomore release challenge” by proving to the world that their debut wasn’t just a huge fluke.

Probably the most easily recognizable qualities this album holds are the guitar distortions, and the song structure and influences. The guitar distortion is an extremely gritty sound with almost all of the treble cut out. This unique guitar distortion doesn’t necessarily make the album feel heavier (like albums like Mudvayne’s Lost and Found, Drowning Pool’s Sinner, and Godsmack’s self-titled debut), but it definitely causes the album to sound a hell of a lot darker. If you want nu metal with a melodic twist, but with a thick sheet of darkness covering it, I would recommend checking this one out.

Although I believe this particular album to be nu metal, there are elements in both the song structure and the sound that remind me of Slipknot, Pantera, Machine Head, Killswitch Engage, Cold, and Taproot. The song structure and the majority of the sound seem to take on a softer and less aggressive version of Slipknot. But there are chugging riffs that sound like they were pulled out of either a Machine Head or Pantera album (which is easily understandable, because just about everyone seems to be doing that these days). The melodic sections remind me strongly of the early works of Killswitch Engage and the more recent works of Taproot. And, of course, 5FDP is one of those nu metal bands that always throws in a couple of hard rock (sometimes acoustic) tracks that can be considered ballads when compared to the rest of the album, which in this case remind me of the alternative metal band Cold.

I’m not a huge fan of the singing on this album. Not because it’s bad, but because it’s not good; it doesn’t stick out to me in any way. I will say that there is plenty of emotion in the singing…but nothing else. A perfect singer has plenty of emotion, dynamics, volume control, pitch control (able to be in-tune), power, and the ability to sing in a style that fits the music. This singer has emotion and a considerable skill to generally stay in-tune, but nothing else. The place where the vocals pack the hardest punch (pun intended) is in the enraged screams that are purely belted out with PURE ANGER. When I say PURE ANGER, I FUCKING MEAN PURE ANGER!! So obviously this vocalist writes lyrics that are anger-venting (which is what a lot of the lyrics I write are). The vocals are also what remind me of Slipknot the most; the switch between belted-out low screams and melodic singing.

As far as nu metal goes, I wouldn’t consider this an essential by any means, but I would definitely recommend that you AT LEAST give it two good listens. I would rate this album 15/20 for being one of the better (not one of the best) nu metal albums out there in the world.

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Crítica @ GRRINDhouse

23 Abril 2014

Absolutely brutal! Bad ass album...

So with the success of The Way of the Fist album, Five Finger Death Punch decided to release a new album in 2009 entitled "War Is the Answer". What do I think of this album? Honestly it's even better than the first one, War Is the Answer is so good that it surpasses 'The Way of the Fist' easily. If I could I'd give it a 30/20 it's just great. Almost every track on this album is simply brutal and really makes you want to beat something up. Even slower tracks on the album like Crossing Over, Far From Home, and Canto34 are great tracks to listen to.

Some of my favorite tracks are "No One Gets Left Behind" which feels like it was written by a military veteran, it touches on the corrupt government and says that the POLITICIANS should be on the front lines. "Burn It Down" Is one of the most brutal songs on the album lyrics like "You wanna rule the fucking world? You got to get through ME!" fit the song perfectly. "Far From Home" is more of a slower, sad song. The great thing about 5FDP is that they can make tons of hateful song's but they also manage to fit depressing song's in their albums as well, that creates a perfect balance. This song's deep melodic tune is something you can really get into. "Canto34" Is an interesting track mostly because it's completely instrumental it has no lyrics, we don't see song's like that very much especially metal song's. Five Finger Death Punch's musical talent REALLY shines in this track it's a awesome song.

"War Is the Answer" the title song has to be the hardest song on the album. This song just does not stop and really makes you want to beat someone up, kind of like Burn It Down but it's better than Burn It Down in my opinion. In the middle of the song Ivan Moody stops singing and says one of his quotes "You want to disrespect me you little fucking punk? Every thing I've done to be who I am, as far as I've fucking come? I'll slap you so fucking hard it'll feel like you kissed a freight train. FUCK YOU!" It's perfect.

Those are just the highlights every other song on this album are great too. I have no problems with this album it's definitely on the list of my top 5 favorite albums and I only hope to see more from Five Finger Death Punch in the future. This is one album that your gonna want to pick up ASAP!

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