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Band Name Sui Caedere
Album Name Thrène
Type Album
Data de lançamento 31 Março 2009
Estilo de MúsicaDoom Black
Membros têm este álbum32


1. Intro 02:31
2. Prélude Triste 08:23
3. Sérénade Triste 06:29
4. Le Spectre 07:55
5. Le Mort Silencieux 02:37
6. Le Cerceuil 08:17
7. Le Soulier de la Morte 07:11
8. Le Vaisseau d'Or 08:46
Total playing time 54:45

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Crítica @ Satanicarchangel

21 Abril 2013

Reinvtenting the wheel

When presented with a genre as cluttered and overflowing as Depressive Black Metal one must traverse through legions and legions of disposable bands in order to find the rare gem buried within the trash. The genre has exploded outwards creating countless bands who have very little to differentiate between them which results in a negative stigma being levelled at the genre due to the worth wile acts being unfairly grouped into the trash heap. Depressive Black Metal has become so easy to create that new bands are popping up all over the place which tends to make things very claustrophobic. One cannot deny that Depressive Black Metal is a rapidly expanding genre. In all fairness this is a good thing, it allows more people to contribute to the genre and as a result it is one of the quickest growing Metal sub genres. However this is also the main drawback of the genre, it has become so easy to make that people are afraid of breaking past genre conventions and treading new waters. So many bands are content to rehash the same riffs and chord progressions and adding the infamous howl of despair vocals that everything suddenly becomes too cluttered. Over the years however there have been a number of visionaries seeking to take the genre to new and unexplored territories. Pensées Nocturnes have completely transcended the genre by infusing elements of neoclassical and even some blues whilst still retaining the core values of the genre. Lifelover have stripped the genre down to the bare essentials and recreated the genre into something new and unheard of. Lyrinx are taking the term Depressive Black Metal literally, creating some of the most soul destroying music to grace my ears. And over in Australia Austere and now Woods of Desolation are infusing the genre with lighter and more accessible elements to create a sound that is beautiful, emotional and at times; harrowing. Sui Caedere along with Photophobia have shown that even minor alterations to the sonic framework can dramatically alter a bands sound and as a result have created something with its own unique flair and identity.

Musically I would classify Thrène as a cross between Gris, Make a Change... Kill Yourself and Totalselfhatred. Its certainly got the distortion and abrasiveness akin to Make a Change... Kill Yourself but at the same time it's also atmospherically powerful and there are also a fair amount of melancholic and mellow sections integrated within the music. The three aspects of aggression, hypnotic atmosphere and suffused melancholy make this a wonderfully absorbing listen and there is enough variety within each track to ensure that it is kept absorbing and hypnotic throughout the duration. As well as these main aspects there is also a section that shows a somewhat large Blackgaze influence in the track Prélude Triste. Midway through this beautiful and heavily emotional section appears which carries within it a large amount of melancholy, after this a wonderfully bleak clean guitar break transpires which is one of the most beautiful and sorrowful things I have heard in a while.
The use of many differing aspects within each single track is in my opinion what makes Thrène such a powerful, provocative and engaging listen. Unlike most Depressive Black Metal bands who are content to use one single idea within each track. Sui Caedere utilise many different musical aspects within every song on this album with the exception of the first and final track. The Blackgaze elements are thankfully not solely confined to Prélude Triste and they carry on into the next track Sérénade Triste which seems to be a continuation of the predecessor. Sérénade triste also has a beautiful clean guitar break using it for great effect like the previous song. These two tracks are both very similar in structure and overall tone yet they are both masterpieces in their own right and in my opinion should be listened to together in order to extrapolate the desired effect.

Overall musically Thrène is a very melodic album utilising many heart breaking melodies to achieve the desired goal. As a result of the melody the atmosphere on display on Thrène is absolutely incredible, it isn't as pitch black as other artists working within the genre but it is bleak and desolate. I'd describe the atmosphere on Thrène akin to walking through a post apocalyptic wasteland where everything is lifeless and cold, but then you come across a flower in the ashes in full bloom. A small glimmer of hope in a barren and lifeless desert. I realize this is a somewhat over dramatised analogy of the atmosphere on Thrène but it's as good an analogy as I can muster.

Vocally this album is fairly standard affair for the genre, despite not using the howl of despair technique the vocalist uses a powerful albeit generic Black Metal rasp that has a lot of distortion added onto it. This gives the rasps a bizarre almost synthetic feel to it. Despite this the vocals are very powerful and add a lot to the atmosphere. They may not be as good as the likes of Kim Carlsson or Tim Yatras but they're a lot better than most musicians in the genre (though the production on them is fairly shoddy).

Interestingly this album and band are described as Doom/Black Metal. The Doom elements aren't felt nowhere near as much as the Black Metal elements. In fact there's very little Doom elements to be felt so be prepared for a fully Blackened record. If Doom coated Depressive Black Metal is your thing then you'll do well to pick up Songs to Leave from Forgotten Tomb.
The ambient elements used on this album carry a huge Burzum vibe to them, especially the track Le Cercueil where the ambient parts sound ripped directly from Hvis Lyset Tar Oss or Filosofem. This track in general feels very Burzum inspired which is by no means a bad thing, I appreciate the faster approach on this one.

The production on this album is flawless for what it is, the guitars are very clear despite the large amount of distortion. The bass is actually mixed rather high for once, although it can easily be missed if full attention isn't given. The only hindrance with the production is the way in which the vocals are produced. Like I previously mentioned they sound synthetic, this is the same problem I have with the band ColdWorld. Artificial almost metallic sounding vocals just don't appeal to me and I really wish they weren't produced like this. I much prefer a more natural flair to my vocals. Interestingly enough the spoken word parts aren't produced in this manner, though they are fairly fazed out, by no means a bad thing mind you.

Where as musically Thrène is pretty much flawless, vocally this album however is a bit of a disappointment. If they were produced better then Thrène would warrant a higher score off me but as it stands I give Thrène a well deserved 17/20.
Best Tracks- Prélude Triste, Sérénade Triste, Le Cercueil and Le Vaisseau D'or

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