The Nothing

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Band Name Korn
Album Name The Nothing
Type Album
Data de lançamento 13 Setembro 2019
Estilo de MúsicaNu Metal
Membros têm este álbum92


 The End Begins
 You’ll Never Find Me
 The Darkness Is Revealing
 The Seduction of Indulgence
 Finally Free
 Can You Hear Me
 The Ringmaster
 Gravity of Discomfort
 [email protected]
 This Loss
 Surrender to Failure

Total playing time: 44:11

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Crítica @ desolate23

10 Dezembro 2019

Nu Metal Powerhouse Makes a Comeback

Nu Metal powerhouse and bagpipe enthusiasts Korn is back with a new full length album called The Nothing. If you grew up in the 90s and early 2000s you'll remember Korn playing alongside numerous Nu Metal giants like Limp Bizkit, Coal Chamber, Dope, and Slipknot. Korn has had a rather tumultuous career with their music taking a bit of a turn for the worse in the later end of the decade with a few singles hitting top charts. Have they repeated the overproduced cycle they've fallen into for the past decade or is this a return to form?

The intro track is an interesting bagpipe medley with Jonathan Davis crying subtly throughout. The next track is actually the second single, Cold. It's hard hitting with it's bone crushing instruments and sludgy vocal work. It feels like a Nu Metal song.

The next track is the first single, You'll Never Find Me. Jonathan takes great liberty with his range in vocal capacity here and overall crafted quite a good track. His vocals, while a bit aged, do ring fair enough. It's definitely solid.

The Darkness is Revealing is an upbeat darkened portrayal. Jonathan seems to be diving deeper into his past experiences. It harkens back to Issues with it's vocals. The instruments are a bit generic here though but throughout the song it sounds like Falling Away from Me. Then the gang actually kicks it up a notch at the end. It's good.

Next we have Idiosyncrasy which starts as this omnimous horror movie-esque vibe then it slows down. Jonathan actually shows off his wide range of vocals. A mixture of cleans and some gutteral displays followed by an actually catchy chorus as a follow-up. The guitars are sludgy, and kick you in the face on this track.

Seduction of Indulgences is dark, and creepy. It's a chanting interlude that actually calls back to their song Daddy which if you ever listened to that song you'll know how bad it is. However, unlike Daddy, I feel as though is just being edgy for the sake of edgy.

Finally Free is a slower paced song compared to the rest of the album. The bass is quite good here. In the middle it sort of ramps up and becomes what they've traditionally sounded like.

Can You Hear Me is much like Finally Free in structure and flow. Although this song is a bit generic and kinda bland.

The Ringmaster feels a lot of what Brian Welsh has been working with in his project Love & Death. Jonathan's range once again displaying here. We get Jonathan's infamous metal scat verse. It's a fun song to lose your mind to.

Gravity of Discomfort is an interesting song with it's poppy song structure that would traditionally appear on the top billboard if it weren't backed by guitars and Jonathan wasn't singing it. It's actually a bit different from the rest of the album with its dark message meant for an audience who might be more inclined to digest a song like this. It's pretty good.

[email protected] has a bit of the same thing we've heard in previous Korn records. Jon actually shows a bit of hip-hop prowess here. I don't know much about hip-hop so that's all I'm gonna say about it. But it's definitely an interesting song.

The second to last track is This Loss. It sounds like a take on Jack and Jill which is kinda weird but interesting. It's good.

The last track is Surrender to Failure and it's an outro that showcases more of Jon's melodic vocals. It's a subtle track and finishes the album quite well.

Overall, the Nu Metal goliath is almost back to form with their sludgy riffs, crushing bass and Jon's vocals tying this album neatly. Is it perfect, no. There are some songs that are skippable, to me. All in all this is a 16/20.

Favorite tracks: Cold, You'll Never Find Me, The Ringmaster, Gravity of Discomfort

Least favorite tracks: Can You Hear Me, Suduction of Indulgences, This Loss

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