The Dreadful Hours

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Band Name My Dying Bride
Album Name The Dreadful Hours
Type Album
Data de lançamento 13 Novembro 2001
Estilo de MúsicaDeath Doom
Membros têm este álbum251


 The Dreadful Hours
 The Raven and the Rose
 Le Figlie Della Tempesta
 Black Heart Romance
 A Cruel Taste of Winter
 My Hope, the Destroyer
 The Deepest of All Hearts
 The Return to the Beautiful

Total playing time: 01:10:49

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My Dying Bride

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Crítica @ L4G4RT0

08 Março 2008
By this time some of My Dying Bride fans were worried about the future of the band: the two previous albums were not as strong as we were used to, and "The Dreadful Hours" was received with expectation after the two "Meisterwerk" compilations.

The album starts with the homonimous song, "The Dreadful Hours" and what a start! The first moments are so simple and yet so effective, and yet so depressive... The track proceeds to some furious moments, with anger and grunting vocals and those enormous keyboards. This is a huge song, brilliantly produced and I could dare to call it perfect. You get to the final 9:23 minutes and think "what? was that such a long song?". Again, what a start! I won't review this work track by track because there's really no need to: it's dark, once in a while it's epic, and Aaron's grunting better than ever. Again, there are no violins but rather than building raw and intense songs like in the previous album, My Dying Bride had found a new anger within so the riffs are stronger, the grunts are more powerful and the clean vocals are better placed than in "The Light at the End of the World"... oh, and yes, those keyboards are really the best I've heard from the band too.

The first half hour of this album is almost comfined to three songs, and each one has it's own soul, and each one is so great! Please, listen to them without interference, they're worthy: you will travel along hell, and you will rest yourself in autumn landscapes. You will immediately understand that cover art. The final song may look familiar to you: it's a re-recording of "The return to the beautiful" from their first album. An excelent doom song.

So, My Dying Bride are back to the greatest moments, they made it once again. They're not as doom as before, sometimes they create landscapes, sometimes they sound more death metal, but yes, doom is still there. Only now, it sounds more beautiful than ever before. Don't hesitate: if you understand that bands have to evolve and change, buy this one please.

Rated: 18

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