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Band Name Megadeth
Album Name Th1rt3en
Type Album
Data de lançamento 01 Novembro 2011
Estilo de MúsicaThrash Heavy
Membros têm este álbum455


 Sudden Death
 Public Enemy No. 1
 Whose Life (Is It Anyways?)
 We the People
 Guns, Drugs and Money
 Never Dead
 New World Order
 Fast Lane
 Black Swan
 Millennium of the Blind
 Deadly Nightshade

 Public Enemy No. 1 (Live)

Total playing time: 01:01:43

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Comentário @ Caiov9

31 Julho 2012

And, I will tell in this critic, why do I think it's a pretty good album.

Well, I once wrote a critic about this album. I thinked I should listen to it again, to see if my opinion would change. So, it changed. Before I listen to it again, I thinked it's bad and generic. When I listened it again, my opinion changed on a bestial way. Now I think it's a good album, i was ignorant and didn't pay attention to the album, i just listened and said that it was bad. And, I will tell in this critic, why do I think it's a pretty good album.

It begins with Sudden Death, i think it's a very good song to begin an album, because it begins with an awesome guitar solo, one of the best sides of this album.

Whose Life (Is It Anyways?) is a different song, it has many influences of Punk Rock (on the lyrical themes and the guitar riffs). But it doesn't get out of the kind of the album.

I think the most special side of this album is that it has its own style, it's a very different album. Even if I wouldn't know the songs and the albums, by listening one song of this album I would know that the song is from this album, it's very interesting.

The lyrics of this album are very interesting and creative; very good examples of good lyrics are Public Enemy Nº 1, Sudden Death and, of course, 13.

According to my opinion, the beggining and the ending of this album are like an intro and an outro of a song. Like a Porno Gore Grind band, they usually put songs called Intro and Outro to begin and finish their albums. These songs are perfect to do this kind of role in the album. This album is like one whole song with its own style.

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nonpointer - 21 Agosto 2012: I really think the most generic and approximate thing about the album is the review that has been written for it. Come on, it's not the best Megadeth album but it still features catchy songs and a couple of bangers. A good metal album, if you ask me!
desolate23 - 14 Maio 2013: I'll be honest, treating this album as flawless is an overstatement. I found Th1rt3en relatively boring. It's a good album but not as good as Peace Sells or Cryptic Writings
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Comentário @ desolate23

17 Maio 2013

Not the best.

I'll be honest, this is definitely not there best work. It had a few memorable ones like Public Enemy No. 1, Guns, Drugs and Money, Black Swan and Whose Life. But the album is really lackluster and it reminds me of United Abominations which wasn't the best either. I'm not going to say I've been alienated but really disappointed on how painfully averaged this record is.

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