Severed Survival

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Band Name Autopsy (USA)
Album Name Severed Survival
Type Album
Data de lançamento 15 Maio 1989
Produced by John
Estilo de MúsicaDeath Metal
Membros têm este álbum318


Re-Issue in 1994, 2003 and 2009 by Peaceville Records
1. Charred Remains 03:40
2. Service for a Vacant Coffin 02:50
3. Disembowel 04:05
4. Gasping for Air 03:19
5. Ridden with Disease 04:53
6. Pagan Saviour 04:11
7. Impending Dread 04:46
8. Severed Survival 03:28
9. Critical Madness 04:33
10. Embalmed 03:02
Bonustracks (Re-Issue 1994)
12. Retribution for the Dead 03:54
13. Destined to Fester 04:31
14. In the Grip of Winter 04:06
Bonustracks (Re-Issue 2003)
12. Funereality 02:53
13. Destined to Fester 04:31
14. In the Grip of Winter 04:06
DISC 2 (Re-Issue 2009)
1. Horrific Obsession 04:30
2. Feast of the Graveworm 03:28
3. Mauled to Death (Rehearsal 09/04/1988) 04:25
4. Human Genocide (Rehearsal 09/04/1988) 03:20
5. Christ Denied (Rehearsal 11/1987) 03:24
6. Charred Remains (Rehearsal 09/04/1988) 03:36
7. Service for a Vacant Coffin (Live in Buffalo, United States, 20/10/1990) 03:04
8. Disembowel (Live in Bamberg, Germany, 16/03/1990) 04:32
9. Gasping for Air (Live in Bamberg, Germany, 16th/03/1990) 03:19
10. Ridden with Disease (Rehearsal 09/04/1988) 04:29
11. Pagan Savior (Live in Iserlohn, Germany, 08/03/1990) 04:16
12. Severed Survival (Live in Buffalo, United States, 20/10/1990) 03:31
13. Critical Madness (Rehearsal 09/04/1988) 04:23
14. Embalmed (Rehearsal 08/10/1987) 02:52
15. Stillborn (Rehearsal 09/04/1988) 03:02
Total playing time 38:47

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Comentário @ Basarab

07 Maio 2011

almost guaranteed to make you want to start headbanging

"Burning from the inside out
Bloody foam spews from your mouth
Smell the putrid stench of flesh
As it burns you to your death"

When I first heard these words I was captivated by the sheer brutality. I originally bought "Severed Survival" partly as an elaborate way of pissing my parents off (they hate any form of metal) and partly because the cover intrigued me. Prior to that I had no knowledge of Autopsy, although I thought I may have heard the name somewhere before.

"Severed Survival" is one of those albums that is almost guaranteed to make you want to start headbanging, or at least fist pumping, the instant you put it on. The vocals are brutal as fuck, right up there with Glen Benton (Deicide), Chuck Schuldiner (Death) and John Tardy (Obituary). The guitars and drums morph together to create a jackhammer that drills pure fucking metal into your brain (it sounds painful, but it's actually pretty damned awesome). In short this is not an album for all you mallcore Disturbed fans out there, this is for people who aren't afraid of true fucking death metal in all its brutal and gory glory.

It was interesting to note that Chris Reifert, who does vocals and drums for Autopsy, was the drummer on Death's "Scream Bloody Gore" album, which as well as being a death metal classic is also in my top 20 metal albums of all time (as "Severed Survival" now is).

I give this album 10/10 and intend to go back to the CD store and see if they have any more Autopsy albums.

Highlights of the album: 'Charred Remains' 'Disemboweled' 'Critical Madness' 'Funereality)

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