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Band Name Betraying The Martyrs
Album Name Phantom
Type Album
Data de lançamento 15 Julho 2014
Estilo de MúsicaDeathcore
Membros têm este álbum45


 Where the World Ends
 Walk Away
 Let It Go [Frozen Soundtrack cover]
 L'abysse Des Anges
 Phantom (Fly Away) (ft. Gus Farias of Volumes)
 What's Left of You
 Legends Never Die
 Your Throne
 Our Kingdom
 Closure Found

Total playing time: 44:35

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Crítica @ desolate23

13 Agosto 2014

Mixed Feelings

Betraying the Martyrs is a Christian Deathcore band from France which have showcased how good the Deathcore genre can be with Breathe in Life. Phantoms was a long anticipated record for me and I was kind of disappointed. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a bad record but compared to Breathe in Life it's less then stellar.

As I said, overall this album is actually decent but it's a let down to say the least. The inconsistency is strong in this record particularly in the half way mark. Plus, they showcase a new vocal style which isn't all that bad. They're experimenting to make newer material and that's fine. I actually want bands to try new material instead of being similar for most of their career, this is why I enjoyed Sepiternal from Bring Me the Horizon because they didn't try to make the same sound with Oli's voice getting worse with each album. People often think they're spiraling down from what they once were, but I digress.

Let's focus on the two singles released. Jigsaw and Where the World Ends. Though they sample the new vocal style and really irritated some people, I actually had no problems with it. However, I did dislike the context of the lyrics. In my mind they were attempting to sound like Volumes where they don't use rhythm and melody but the overall objective of getting the message across. Long story short, they're scattered and mixed, but they weren't bad. Compared to other singles we've had this year this is pretty decent.

The problems come with the lack of overall consistency. But unlike most cases where that can be tolerable, this one grates on my nerves a little. But it's not terrible if you listen to the tracks on their own. Mostly the problems lie with the instrumentation of it all. This is especially the case with Where the World Ends with pretentious BPM changes and random fills that don't add to the song. Jigsaw is seen with this problem as well but it's not as prevalent.

The record isn't bad, it definitely could be a lot worse then what people make it out to be. These guys aren't Emmure level of bad, at least not yet and I hope this will never be the case. The album just has consistency and instrument issues but each track individually are not bad. In fact, they're pretty good. Overall I give the record a 14/20. It's a pretty nice record when the tracks are standalone but in a course of the album is pretty lacking.

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