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Band Name Vildhjarta
Album Name Måsstaden
Type Album
Data de lançamento 15 Novembro 2011
Labels Century Media
Estilo de MúsicaProgressive Metal
Membros têm este álbum58


 Eternal Golden Monk
 Phobon Nika
 Måsstadens Nationalsång
 When No One Walks with You
 All These Feelings
 The Lone Deranger

 All for the Sake
 Of Others
 To Be Continued…

Total playing time: 01:00:14

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Crítica @ torsofuckmyheadoff

01 Abril 2012

Demonically groovy and enticing

Using words to describe this record let alone the band itself is a hard task. Vildhjarta is a Experimental metal band some call it Djent, I call what they do beautiful artwork like a mural of emotion. The band has two front men who do not play an instrument but both utilize there vocal abilities to the fullest extent.
They mesh their vocals together in a very unique way, you don't see too many bands with two front men. Instrumentally this band is genius and frustrating at the same time. Between there rhythmic patterns and the overall sound they made something quite original.

Personally I have followed this band since their first release and have become very proud of what they have accomplished. Things such as signing with Century media and playing festivals as well as touring with successful bands such as Veil of Maya. They have released two music videos one for the track Dagger and the other Benblast. These two turned out great, they showed the bands talent and ability to work as a whole. The drumming on this record is almost like clockwork, a fine tuned machine of poly rhythmic destruction. Guitar tracking on this record in my opinion without a doubt must have been hard, they are layered without an overwhelming feeling. Whenever I listen to this album I question my own skills as a musician but at the same time learn so much.

This record is a very strong leap forward for the band and is certainly a step up from there demo Omnislash. Two tracks from Omnislash are featured on Masstaden, Deceit and Traces. In my opinion the Omnislash version of Deceit is better than the new version. It is more straightforward and dynamic in its sound, The newest version is a tad slower and not as full sounding. Dont Fail Me Now (Lady Luck) and Shiver are great songs off of Omnislash that had phenomenal clean vocals. This is my only flaw with Masstaden, the lack of clean vocals which clearly suit and complement there style of music. The newest version of Traces is better in my opinion, the clean vocals are a vast improvement but its a shame that they didnt utilize this sound throughout the entire album.

Masstaden is definitely worth a sit down listen. It is 51 minutes of outstanding music put together by outstanding musicians. I hope to see this band carry out there future the way they have been. Looking forward to what this band has in store next is an understatement I am absolutely beyond anticipation to see this band and there talent go in a more successful direction. They are more than deserving of success. Let this album be a stepping stone in there path, it has inspired my musical direction in a large way and i hope it does for the rest of the listeners. And too those who dont know and to those who do.

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McLovinSkittlez - 29 Novembro 2012: My 14 year old sister introduced me to these guys. I finally have a reason to enjoy her presence.
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