Hell Is Here

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Band Name The Crown
Album Name Hell Is Here
Type Album
Data de lançamento 1999
Estilo de MúsicaMelodic Death
Membros têm este álbum71


1. The Poison 03:17
2. At the End 04:42
3. 1999 - Revolution 666 05:21
4. Dying of the Heart 05:57
5. Electric Night 02:32
6. Black Lightning 03:26
7. The Devil and the Darkness 04:52
8. Give You Hell 02:54
9. Body and Soul 03:11
10. Mysterion 03:29
11. Death by My Side 07:28
Total playing time 47:09

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Crítica @ venom83

08 Dezembro 2010
Have you ever dreamed of traveling through the shores of hell anytime? Well, look no further. This sinister of an album is bound to take you to every corner of the island of the damned throughout its length. What can I say about this beast? The Crown with this vicious release titled “Hell Is Here” has destroyed nearly 99 percent of all the Gothenburg releases in the past many years and also their remnants. With Lindstrand sounding nastier than ever and the rhythm section beefing up their output , the result is bestial brutal thrash/death that is going to certainly take a lot of firepower and ammunition to get overpowered in many years to come. Only their follow up release “Deathrace King” came anywhere close to slaying this monster. Looks like these guys don’t really have the word “compromise” in their vocabulary.

I am just going to storm through all the tracks on this album purely because there is no filler and each track can stand on its own without sounding out of place or monotonous. “The Poison” kicks off things in style with Lindstrand making his intentions clear with his insane growls, capable of sending a billion shivers down the listener’s spine. A furious track only to be followed by another brutal track “At The End” with a brilliant break in between slowing down things and demonstrating the impeccable riffing and tight soloing. The follow up, “Revolution 666” can easily win accolades for being the ultimate Lucifer anthem. The song is unimaginably fast and extremely catchy. “Dying Of The Heart” slows down things a bit but only by a bit, and also has a acoustic start to it surprisingly.

“Electric Night” is the more punk sounding track on this album with a fairly catchy intro riff reminiscent of early Rumble Militia or even Suicidal Tendencies. “Black Lighting” is straightforward thrash with some heavy riffing and good lead solo fills. “The Devil The End The Darkness” continues the madness with its fast paced nature. “Give You Hell” and “Body The End Soul” are slightly mid paced but one cannot help but headbang to these tunes. “Mysterion” is one of the better tracks on this album with some insane double bass drumming, fast riffing and well times solos. “Death By My Side” is the longest and the slowest song in here just about making the 7 and a half minute mark. Unlike the others this one is extremely heavy with almost Sabbath like riffs and a touch of groove as well. A good finisher altogether.

Unless you’re a doom or stoner metal worshiper, this one’s ideal for you. Listeners of raw thrash, death, grindcore, crust punk and crossover are going to drool over this product of magnanimous diabolic proportions. The incredible tightness, skill, songwriting and above all the speed of this album is going to certainly going to make you spin this in your CD player time and time again. This one’s not likely to age too soon, too fast or even till eternity. HELL NEVER DIES!!!!!!

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