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Band Name Thyrfing
Album Name Farsotstider
Type Album
Data de lançamento 21 Novembro 2005
Estilo de MúsicaViking Black
Membros têm este álbum98


1. Far at Helvete
2. Jag Spår Fördärv
3. Farsotstider
4. Höst
5. Själavrak
6. Elddagjämning
7. Baldersbalet
8. Tiden Läker Intet
9. Untitled
Bonus DVD (Special Edition)
Live at Party San Open Air, Bad Berka, Germany, 12/08/2006
1. Mjölner
2. Ways of a Parasite
3. Digerdöden
4. Far at Helvete
5. Jag Spar Fördärv
6. Höst
7. From Wilderness Came Death
8. Kaos Aterkomst

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Comentário @ hack

16 Setembro 2009
Farsotstider means time of plague in Swedish. This is their first album that was recorded in Swedish language only. It was recorded at Cosmos Studio in Stockholm, a low profile studio. It was produced in 6 months by Henrik Edenhed, a pop music producer, it helped them to get a more explosive metal sound. This album is much darker than their previous albums. There is much less emphasis on synthesizers and guitars are much heavier. One of the best attractions to this album are the vocals of Thomas Vaananen. He sounds like a crazed maniac or a blood thirsty Viking. The songs rock with a uniquely heavy sound that can be compared to Helrunar or maybe Vreid. There is the occasional piano playing in the back ground, but the heavy guitars over power that. It comes across as folksy black metal full of anger and hatred. But not too black. It isn't dark enough to be black metal. There are no fancy guitar solos here, just fancy song writing with heavy music. My favorite song on this album is Jag Spar Fordarv.

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