Escape the Fate

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Band Name Escape The Fate
Album Name Escape the Fate
Type Album
Data de lançamento 02 Novembro 2010
Produced by Don Gilmore
Estilo de MúsicaEmo Metal
Membros têm este álbum119


1. Choose Your Fate 01:41
2. Massacre 04:15
3. Issues 02:42
4. Zombie Dance 03:18
5. Gorgeous Nightmare 03:16
6. City of Sin 02:43
7. Day of Wreckoning 03:15
8. Lost in Darkness 03:41
9. Prepare Your Weapon 04:41
10. World Around Me 05:09
11. The Aftermath 05:34
Total playing time 40:15
Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks
12. Liars and Monsters 03:22
13. The Final Blow 03:21
14. Issues (Ruxpin Remix) 05:25
Total playing time 52:23
UK Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks
12. Liars and Monsters 03:22
13. The Final Blow 03:21
14. Issues (Ruxpin Remix) 05:25
15. Issues (Does It Offend You, Yeah? Remix) 03:50
Total playing time 56:13

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Crítica @ CLucker666

25 Abril 2012

Too much change

Escape the Fate is pretty much the band that got me into metal so I will not ever completely give up on them. This album is a dissapointment though. There are 4-5 tracks that are decent, but out of 14 that is not a real good ratio. I ended up buying this album before I ever listened to it and I was somewhat dissapointed when I heard the whole thing. I ended up losing it shortly after and I don't think I have tried to look for it ever.

Well I did not really think it was as bad until I heard the song City of Sin. The first lyrics in the song are "C'mon c'mon shake your money maker." Honestly I laughed a little, but at the same time I was like what the fuck? Are they serious? It also has a really annoying chorus and you're going to end up hating the phrase City of Sin shortly after.

The vocals are actually pretty good at least. He does not scream much but his clean vocals sound real smooth and he actually shows he is a very talented singer. His screams are a little rough but since there aren't many, it is not a big deal. You hear a good amount of screams in the second track Massacre. It is one of the few decent tracks but some people might dissagree. It has a lot of digitalized parts and that is pretty annoying but I got over it.

The whole album kind of reminds me of metal turning into pop because it seems that almost all the songs are based off a chorus and that gets very annoying. If they focused a little more on song structure more than making a whole song based on one chorus than they might have gotten a little more appreciation for this album. It is in my opinion their worst release yet and I can only hope they improve with the next release.

The Aftermath is one of the heavier songs that I actually like. It is pretty far back in the album so it is a pretty long wait to get to this song, the middle of the album goes by pretty slow considering tracks 5 and 6 are my least favorite on it.

Well there's not much more to say about this somewhat dissapointing release. I am not giving up on the band because some of the tracks still show hope in the band. If you want a few songs that are actually decent then I reccomend The Aftermath, Prepare Your Weapon, Massacre, and Day of Wreckoning. I give this album a 10/20. The song below is one of the single before they released the album. It is not really that great to me but it gives a good feel for how the rest of the album will sound.

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