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Band Name Mayhem (NOR)
Album Name Deathcrush
Type Cassette
Data de lançamento 16 Agosto 1987
Estilo de MúsicaBlack Metal
Membros têm este álbum435


Re-Issue in 1993 by Deathlike Silence.
Re-Issue in 2003 by Vinyl Maniac Records.
Re-Issue in 2006 by Back on Black.
1. Silvester Anfang 01:56
2. Deathcrush 03:33
3. Chainsaw Gutsfuck 03:32
4. Witching Hour (Venom Cover) 01:49
5. Necrolust 03:37
6. (Weird) Manheim 00:48
7. Pure Fucking Armageddon 02:09
8. Outro 01:09
Total playing time 18:33

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Mayhem (NOR)

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Comentário @ winterdemon

08 Abril 2012

This album is for the eternity

Deathcrush is of the most famous Black Metal albums in history' it represent the old Mayhem in the late 80's. This 7 track long album has one of the best Mayhem line-up's ever.

The Intro of Deathcrush is called Silvester Anfang. Silvester Anfang was made by a friend of Euronymous a german guy called Conrad Schnitzler. Special on this song is the fast drumming and Absu has covered this song of Mayhem and they covered it well.

When I first heard the song Chainsaw Gutsfuck I thought this is absolutely the hell because I love the guitar riff in the beginning of the song. When the voice starts it sounds like the death by a chainsaw. The lyrics to this song are brutal like the whole song. Especially when Maniac screams.

Necrolust is one of my favorite songs on Deathcrush because it takes a long and heavy riff and after a few seconds it sarts really fast and all hell break loose and in the same time Manheim starts with his drumming that me reminds on an old punk or heavy metal band but I can not tell you what band I mean. Weird Manheim is a very mysterious piano play and I love it .Weird Manheim shows you the uncanny side of (The True) Mayhem because when I first heard the Song I thought what is this an Outro with piano? Thats strange but cool then it gives you a deperessive feeling and thats is the thing that I love and after a few seconds the most famous song Pure fuckin' Armageddon begins.

Pure fuckin' Armageddon is one of those songs that shows you who Mayhem really is. Mayhem always was one of my favorite band because the history of the band it takes so much drama and death in this 25-30 years of (Thrash!!!) Black Metal and Mayhem is still here and there. Pure fuckin' Armageddon is this for what Mayhem stand. I think the mean influences of Mayhem are: Venom, Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Slayer and of course a little bit Motörhead.

The Album cover is very brutal and cool youe see severed hands from a man from Mauritania a land in Africa and this happened so: In the early years of 1900 Africa was colonized from the European countries like France, Great Britain, Belgium and Germany. And the native inhabitants had to work for the countries and must harvest cotton and rubber and when someone not bring enough from the field, then the europeans take a kinfe and cut off their hands and that is the brutal history about colonization of the europeans in Africa. I really love the red colour of the Album it fits perfect.

The orginal Deathcrush album was only realeased with 1000 copies and Euronymous himself did handnumber the copies. At the Backcover of the album do you see photos of the band. I especially like the photo of Euronymous with a piece of wood in his hand. In the booklet are the same photos like on the Backcover and under the photos can you read in in large letters: "This mini album is dedicated to Metalion of the mighty Slayer Magazine" and at the other side of the 2 page long booklet you see a photo of Scott Burns (The famous producer) and his photo is crossed out in red you can read: no fun, no core, no mosh, no trends.

This album is for the eternity because it is just a classic. I think everyone who is listen to Black Metal should know this because it shows you the old Mayhem before Dead came from Sweden to Norway. I can only say love it or hate it.

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