Among the Living

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Band Name Anthrax
Album Name Among the Living
Type Album
Data de lançamento 22 Março 1987
Estilo de MúsicaThrash Metal
Membros têm este álbum1020


 Among the Living
 Caught in a Mosh
 I Am the Law
 Efilnikufesin (N.F.L)
 A Skeleton in a Closet
 One World
 A.D.I. / Horror of It All
 Imitation of Life

Total playing time: 50:22

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Crítica @ CLucker666

19 Julho 2012

Some of the best thrash ever

I am sure most ALL of you know and are familiar with Anthrax. If you are not then you probably should not be here. Well Anthrax does not sound totally the same in this album as they do now, there is way more of a thrash feel in Among the Living versus albums like Worship Music or We've Come for You All. Among the Living features some of thrash metal's best songs of the genre in my opinion.

My personal favorite songs on Among the Living are Caught In A Mosh, Indians, and I Am the Law. Caught In a Mosh as you can probably tell is a straight up thrashy mosh song that keeps you banging your head and throwing people in the pit. Indians is one of my favorites because towards the end of the song Belladonna screams WAR DANCE and goes into a face pace riff with fast drum patterns that make you want to mosh harder than ever before and after that it has an awesome guitar solo and picks back up again. I Am the Law is just a really catchy song that talks about an old Marvel Superhero that they are actually in the midst of making a movie about called Dredd.

Well Anthrax as most of you know have a very signature sound and a lot of it is because of their vocalist Joey Belladonna. He has more of a singing style of vocals kind of like Death Angel and a little bit harsher than Dio. It is not the heaviest or an extremely mean vocal style but it gives them a very signature sound and actually works perfect for them and thrash in general.

The drums in this album are amazing. They are extremely fast and have some amazing patterns. Their are a lot of punk sounding beats in the album like in songs One World and A Skeleton In The Closet it is shown great. The blast beats the drummer plays make the album so much heavier which is one reason this album is so great. It mainly has the fast thrash sound because of the drums themselves. Now none of that is possible without the guitars but the drumming amplifies it immensely.

The guitars have a lot of fast repetitive riffs. Not repetitive in a bad way because they are extremely classic and just all around great thrash metal riffs. They throw in a few solos that are not over the top technical but have great rhythm and melodies. There are a few songs that start off a little slower but majority of this album does not stop thrashing until the last song ends. Every song has it's own feel to it but they all thrash you apart and I could not ask for a better album of the genre.

All in all, Among the Living is an amazing album. There is not a single bad song on the album. They all can get you in the mood for moshing and they all come at you at you full force and do not slow down much at all. Even the last song is still going hard the whole time. I know I overused the word thrash int his review but the Only thing that went through my mind when listening was thrash, thrash, thrash, thrash and I know once you listen to it, you will understand completely. I gave this album a 18/20 for being one of the top albums of its genre.

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MarkoFromMars - 20 Julho 2012: Mosh!!!!!!!!!!!!
Leatherface59 - 29 Junho 2014: Fabuleux, l'album de la consécration. Intouchable quoi.
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