A Sombre Dance

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Band Name Estatic Fear
Album Name A Sombre Dance
Type Album
Data de lançamento 1999
Labels CCP Records
Estilo de MúsicaGothic Doom
Membros têm este álbum72


1. Intro / Unisono Lute Instrumental 01:22
2. Chapter I 05:03
3. Chapter II 04:51
4. Chapter III 03:33
5. Chapter IV 10:31
6. Chapter V 04:51
7. Chapter VI 04:50
8. Chapter VII(Instrumental) 04:52
9. Chapter VIII 03:16
10. Chapter IX 06:22
Total playing time 48:31

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Estatic Fear

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Crítica @ JoeNoctus

04 Março 2010
It takes so much to be able to create an incredible record. The relentless determination, the skill and musicianship, organising skills... Sometimes you only think it’s possible by the most talented people in the world. Well, then there’s two realities to choose from here. The first one, is that you are wrong, and everyone is capable of something like this. The second possibility is that Estatic Fear are among the best composers in the world.

Sometimes I wonder how bands like Estatic Fear do it. You can tell that their music is almost unheard of outside of their home country, but this doesn't stop this CD from being anything but faultless. From the thick distorted guitars to the sweet sounding flute, nothing sounds amiss and absolutely everything works, and bleeds together to form a sound that can be described as no less than amazing.

This albums is split into chapters (Chapter I, Chapter II ... Chapter IX) with a solo lute introduction. Despite the somewhat boring names, every single chapter has something new to offer. Each song holds a gem, it's own little artistic beauty. Whether it be an absolutely amazing and infectious melody, a relaxing guitar ensemble, or just the deep, brooding doom metal atmosphere. Estatic Fear have completely mastered this sound, and poured their absolute heart and soul into the bittersweet sound of A Sombre Dance, and it shows.

I could talk about this album until I die, and how amazing it truly is. But there is little to talk about with this album, because it's just so damn perfect. Everything is right, everything works. But most of all, everything is absolutely beautiful, melancholic and intricate to the point that you are left it utter disbelief that such a perfect record could ever be released.

Each song almost flows into eachother, and has a story to tell of its own. This is an album you can listen to by a track order of your choice. Well, you can, but the effect won't be as good. I rarely see an album that flows as well as this one does, and transitions perfectly between each chapter. It's as if you were turning the page in a beautifully written book, each chapter setting the mood just right for the next one.

The music itself is folk/doom with classical and gothic influences. Though I shudder a bit at the word "Gothic", this album utilises the gothic influences absolutely perfectly. The vocals are no less than perfect, the womans voice is beautiful and clear. If angels don't sing as well as she does, then I'll have to come back to Earth when I die. The screaming and deep vocals are good too, but certainly not the highlight. The female vocals transcend this album into the biggest leagues possible by humans. A lot more effort is put into the classical arrangements, and they're pulled off with absolute grace and beauty. But this doesn't mean the doom metal isn't there, it comes in with a bang, beautifully written guitar lines, deep sounding chords, heavy drumming and uttermost beauty and grace. Don't you think for a second this is an album for metal wimps, it's quite the opposite. There's no "in your face" brutality here, but there's the brooding brutality all doom metallers love, and it practically oozes from the brim of your CD player when it spins this beauty.

Perhaps you've searched the underground before in search of a diamond amongst the mountains and caves of the metal underground. Perhaps your search has been hopeless, and you havn't found anything worth listening to above the music you already know. Take hostage here, my friend. You've found the diamond you've been looking for endlessly. Take a seat in a quiet room, by yourself, and give this a spin. For listeners of Empyrium and Silent Streams of Godless Elegy, but there is no one I wouldn't recommend this to.

Highlights? Don't ask. Every song is brilliant.

Buy with confidence.

(When I say buy, I mean DON'T download this. This is worth the value of 5 CDs.)

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