A Blaze in the Northern Sky

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Band Name Darkthrone
Album Name A Blaze in the Northern Sky
Type Album
Data de lançamento 26 Fevereiro 1992
Estilo de MúsicaBlack Metal
Membros têm este álbum830


 Kathaarian Life Code
 In the Shadows of the Horns
 Paragon Belial
 Where Cold Winds Blow
 A Blaze in the Northern Sky
 The Pagan Winter

Total playing time: 42:05

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Crítica @ gradymayhem

20 Novembro 2011


First off, I know this is practically blasphemy to say, but this is my least liked Darkthrone album. My reasons are as follows. It is unimaginative, ill-produced, and finally an overall chore to listen to.

I would label this album unimaginative, for no other reason than, unlike the other Darkthrone albums. It's riffs are boring and repetitive. We all know that repetition is the essence of Darkthrone, but repetition is only effective when the riffs being repeated are good. The riffs on The Pagan Winter are great, along with Paragon Belial, but the rest of the album lacks this quality. Every song starts in the exact same way, except Kathaarian Life Code, and this gets tiresome quickly. One can definitely tell it is death metal tailored to be black metal, listen to the riffs on The Pagan Winter for proof of this. To me this is cheating in a sense, and is thus unimaginative.

Next, I see this album as ill-produced, not because I can't tolerate raw, but because it has to be at least listenable. This is by no means listenable. Half of the album is just meaningless, begrimed, fuzz. It sounds good as bleak winternoise in the background, but is impossible to analyze beyond that. The production on Under a Funeral Moon and Transylvanian Hunger retain the raw grimness of this album, but through the tinniness and fuzz, one can at least decipher what is going on musically.

This is an overall chore to listen to because, while the album certainly has high points, the meat of it is mediocre. Kathaarian Life Code starts the album off very well, but the second In the Shadow of the Horns comes on, it takes a severe dive. I cannot exactly describe what it is, but this song is just annoying, perhaps because of the sub-standard vocal work. Fortunately, Paragon Belial is amazing, and quite-possibly is the redeeming element of this album, at least in my eyes. Now, for the chore part. Where Cold Winds Blow is awful. It is just rawness and feedback playing through speakers, masquerading unsuccessfully as music. This leads into the title cut which is another sub-par song, that contributes very little to the album, other than taking up space. Finally, the outro is good, but, to me, it sounds closer to death than black metal. The riffing is very death metal-esque, and some of the slower bits in the song have a droning death metal feel about them.

While I realize the importance of this album to the genre, and the influence it has had, I think the band should have nit-picked a bit more, gotten this album more ready for release, and released a true masterpiece. Perhaps using new material instead of old recycled death metal ideas would have helped as well. Although I do not find the vast majority of this album pleasurable, I respect the band for releasing something so gritty and raw, without regards to public opinion, and for being one of the first to publicly display their use of corpsepaint. I see this album not as the epitome of Darkthrone (or black metal for that matter), but as a vehicle used to achieve the greater things that were to come. For this reason, this is a piece that I would recommend for its historical significance, not for its musical value.

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Crinn - 09 Abril 2012: transilvanian hunger is more repetitive than any other darkthrone song ever created O.o
miniradman - 09 Abril 2012: Yes, but it the fact that Transilvanian Hunger is so simple, yet so elegant which makes it one of the best black metal tracks ever written.
Crinn - 09 Abril 2012: EXACTLY! haha :P
InfinityZero - 31 Janeiro 2013: Props for bashing Darkthrone, couldn't agree more. :)
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Crítica @ winterdemon

09 Abril 2012

A Black Metal classic for the eternity in Hell

This is sure one of the most famous Black Metal Albums of all time and sure it is a classic. A Blaze in the Northern Sky was the start of the second wave of Black Metal. When Fenriz, Nocturno Culto and and Zephyrous recorded the Album they must have had a real anger because this Album is full of pure hate.

The most influence of this Album are sure Celtic Frost because you hear in Kathaarian Life Code the drumming like that of Celtic Frost. The Intro of Kathaarian Life Code is mystical and dark and that is this thing what makes this Song so special. Where Cold Winds Blow is a very typical Black Metal Song becuase it is fast and raw and so should Black Metal be. This is a typical Darkthrone Track then it shows who Darkthrone is.

Darkthrone are one of those bands that turned from brutal Swedish Death Metal to the true Norwegian Black Metal Band. For me are Darkthrone the founder of the second wave of black metal. The recordable Peaceville did not want to release the Album because it was not good enough, so the band said when Peaceville didn't want to release the Album then we go to the lable (Deathlike Silence Productions) of our friend and he bring out our Album. After that Peaceville said no that is not good when a young and new Band from our label leaves. So came the Album out in 1992.

The title track of A Blaze in the Northern Sky starts very fast making you feel depressive and turns into a slow Song with Celtic Frost similar drumming. This Song blows your mind away from here until you wake up in the past. I love this Song because he is varied; it starts fast and turns to a slow part and that is this what make this Song so special.

Darkthrone are the Kings of the Norwegian Black Metal and they have influenced so many other Black Metal Bands like the Nagelfar or Nargaroth. Darkthrone had the best line-up in the old times and everyone in the band knows how to play the instruments and to do the a right and good jop and when this all perfect fits then came out a Album like this. A Blaze in the Northern Sky is A MUST-HAVE and should not miss in each Black Metal CD Collection.
This Album deserves honest 20 of 20 points.

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