7 Sinners

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Band Name Helloween
Album Name 7 Sinners
Type Album
Data de lançamento 31 Outubro 2010
Labels Sony Music
Produced by Charlie Bauerfeind
Recorded at Mi Sueno Studios
Estilo de MúsicaMelodic Power
Membros têm este álbum385


1. Where the Sinners Go 03:35
2. Are You Metal ? 03:38
3. Who Is Mr. Madman ? 05:40
4. Raise the Noise 05:06
5. World of Fantasy 05:15
6. Long Live the King 04:12
7. The Smile of the Sun 04:37
8. You Stupid Mankind 04:05
9. If a Mountain Could Talk 06:43
10. The Sage, the Fool, the Sinner 04:00
11. My Sacrifice 05:00
12. Not Yet Today 01:11
13. Far in the Future 07:42
Bonustrack (Deluxe Digipak Edition)
14. I'm Free 04:10
Bonustrack (Japanese Edition)
14. Faster We Fall
Bonustrack (Digital Download)
14. Aiming High
Total playing time 1:04:54

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Crítica @ Dr.Feelgood

23 Outubro 2010
Once upon a time there has been created a kingdom called Power Metal. Its golden years were from the middle '80s till the middle '90s when Kings and Heroes has delivered us great tales such as Walls of Jericho, Follow The Blind, Land Of The Free and many others. For many years this kingdom has lost its Power and creativity and as a result it has been regarded lost apart from some exceptions till the year of 2010. First the Heroes Gamma Ray, Blimd Guardian and Kamelot through their tales, they laid the red carpet for the King's comeback 7 Sinners. The Kings Helloween through 7 Sinners are telling us that they and Power metal generally are here, still alive, Powerfull and melodic like never before!!

Markus Grosskopf said that their new album is the fastest and heaviest album which they have ever recorded. The true is that is not as fast as Walls of Jericho, but it contains some speed songs. The first track ''Where the sinners go'' shows what is going to come next and with ''The smile of the sun'' and ''Not yet today'' are the only mid-tempo songs. The strange in the album is the flute solo which exists in the song ''Raise the noise'', a typical Helloween song from the last albums, but much better. Helloween wanted to put in the song their love for Jethro Tull. The previous song is not the only that Helloween showed their affects, the basic riff of ''World of fantasy'' is totally similar to the solo of ''Death alley driver'' from Rainbow, but they have connected it so perfectly with the rest song that is being one of your beloved. The fastest songs of the album are ''Are You Metal?'', ''Who's Mr.madman'', ''Long Live the king'', ''If a mountain could talk'' and ''My sucrifise''. The main characteristic of the album is that the guys combined again the sound of modern guitars with the traditional sound of the group.

Something that is important to refer is that Dani Loble during the recordings did not isolate his playing and the sound of the drums from the other instruments and the result is excellent. His playing is so agressive, fast and collapsed that you can not resist and you want to play air-drums! The final song ''Far in the future'' is the track which contains all the characteristics from the songs of their first two albums, the refren, the solo and the rhythm and is the only song that lasts 7 minutes, the suitable for ending the album.

7 Sinners is without doubt the best completed album with no drawbacks since the Keepers! Also the orchestrations that some songs have such as ''Are You Metal?'' is a positive clue to the album. Andi Deris sounds so certain and strong that he proves again that he is the appropriate frontman for Helloween, he can scream any time and when he does it you say ''Oh my God, yeah!!''. The bass sounds more than in any other album and Sasha with Michael teach Power metal solos, you 're listening to them playing side by side and you never stop smiling!

Helloween have proved many times who they really are and what they can do, this album is the biggest proof. I suggest to those who have lost their metal faith in Helloween hear 7 Sinners and you will find out after many years the Kings of Power Metal!! The throne is theirs!
Long Live The Pumpkins!!!

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AlonewithL - 23 Outubro 2010: "Best since the Keepers" (hum!). It is possible?
Matai - 23 Outubro 2010: I don't think so, given that this new album is nevertheless below the others and of course "The Keepers..." even though there are so originality in "7 Sinners" (the flute for instance in one track...).
darknessguide - 24 Outubro 2010: Great one, my friend! I'm on my way of finishing a review on it here, so I guess I'll join the positive ranks. That said, I'm the last person to like their stuff after "The Dark Ride", but this time they did it.
Raina - 13 Novembro 2010: It is indeed their best album since Keepers. Good review!
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