We Deserve Much Worse

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Band Name Deathbound
Album Name We Deserve Much Worse
Type Album
Data wpisu Styczeń 2007
Styl muzycznyDeath Grind
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album14


1. Gain Control
2. Betrayal Wears Your Face
3. End the Guessing
4. No Disease Like Us
5. Revolutions Against Nothing
6. Connected to the Confusion
7. Ward 77
8. Never Been Worse
9. A Fraction of Truth
10. Debate or Terminate
11. Preaching Back to Preachers
12. Torn
13. Final Element
14. Landmine
15. Sliced and Diced
16. Rockthrowers Among Us
17. Deceving Shortcuts
18. Vansinne