We Came for the Dead

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Band Name Ghoul (USA)
Album Name We Came for the Dead
Type Album
Data wpisu 12 Styczeń 2002
Styl muzycznyDeath Thrash
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album26


 Graveyard Mosh
 Rot Gut
 Tomb After Tomb
 We Came for the Dead
 Soon, They'll Scream
 From Death to Dust
 Coffins and Curious
 Suspicious Chunks
 Skull Beneath the Skin (Megadeth Cover)

Total playing time: 33:17

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05 Czerwiec 2009
Digestor, guitar, vocals: Son of a mad trappist monk and a syphilitic gipsy, born in Bergen, Germany.
Dissector, guitar, vocals: Dissector was given birth by the Swamp Hag in Creepsylvania (Romania). It’s a horrible larva that feeds on the festering remains of Ghoul's other members.
Cremator, bass, vocals: Bastard born from a prostitute in the catacombs of Paris, Cremator was raised by a one-armed toothless blacksmith.
Fermentor, drums: Fermentor was found near dead in a vineyard by some retarded grape stealer in Yugoslavia. It is thought that is the result of an abortion that went wrong.

This is the curriculum vitae of Ghoul’s members that you can find with more ample and crusty details on the band’s website. With such prerequisites, needless to say that Ghoul are taken themselves too seriously.

Ghoul are the gathering of musicians already gathered (sic) since except for a change in moniker, it is almost the exact same line-up that constitutes two legendary US Death Metal monsters: Impaled and Exhumed.
And what is the common denominator for two bands like Impaled and Exhumed? Their limitless passion for an album that keeps on creating vocations: Carcass’ Symphonies of Sickness. Those famous Carcass clones, more numerous than the present population of Swaziland, who, each in their own way, help keep the legend alive, the most glorious hours of what they all deem the undisputed summit of Death Metal.
Let’s just skip for now the almost infinite list of Carcass clones but let’s not forget that nonetheless copyists do sometimes equal their master and some may even do better on occasions. Albums like 'Anatomy is Destiny' or 'The Last Gap', respectively from Exhumed and Impaled, are more than offerings aimed at indulging some old adolescent passion but are really unique works that do not only perpetuate the myth but rather keep on building it.

That’s just great… What about Ghoul then? Ghoul are no exception to the rule. Well, let’s say that they kind of go round the rule, slightly. Exhumed or Impaled have always served the cause of the « Symphonies Of Sickness / Necroticism – Descanting the Insalubrious » era whereas Ghoul are more retrograde and juvenile and focus more on the « Reek Of Putrefaction / Symphonies Of Sickness » ear.
For those not yet introduced to the Carcass legend, it means in other words that they play tracks that are more goregrind in essence than the stricto senso Death Metal era of Carcass that reached its apex with 'Necroticism – Descanting the Insalubrious’. Tracks are relatively short, three minutes on average, and 'enjoy' a production that would have satisfied any Carcass head back then.

Thrashy riffs with a groove that smell of 80’s speed metal, lyrics festering with pus and gore sung by a hellish trio that Steer and Walker would have hired as backing vocals, devilish soli almost melodic (well it’s goregrind, remember…). All the ingredients are there to make it a perfect recipe on each track. Let's also put in the legendary intros of Carcass Records releases and you’ll get the one album that could have released in between RoP and SoS.

If you enjoyed banging your head on tracks like Pyosified (Rotten To The Gore), Genital Grinder or Oxidised Razor Masticator, you will most likely finish your neck on We Came for the Dead which, unlike its older counterpart, enjoys excellent production.

With this (muco-)succulent tribute to the Founding Fathers of Goregrind, Ghoul and their legions of Ghoulunatics show us that they’re not one more simple copy/paste tasteless product derived from their spiritual leaders but they’re most and above all a Death Metal that proclaims with no shame their lack of identity! In a few words: go buy this!

PS: the final track is a cover of Megadeth’s 'Skull Beneath The Skin' ... Yummy yummy...

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