Violence Spreads Its Drape

lista zespołów Grindcore Retaliation (SWE) Violence Spreads Its Drape
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Band Name Retaliation (SWE)
Album Name Violence Spreads Its Drape
Type MCD
Data wpisu 2002
Styl muzycznyGrindcore
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album3


1. Second Nature
2. Outrage
3. Things Never Change
4. En Död Mans Dom
5. Fucked for Life
6. All Is Lost
7. Now What?
8. Zero Tollerance
9. Everything Is Wrong
10. No Peace
11. Grinding Black Massacre
12. Witch Burning
13. You Never Knew
14. Salt Mine
15. Worlds Apart
16. Boredom and Frustration
17. Collapsing Lungs
18. The One Who Left You
19. Dedicated Rape
20. A Piece of This
21. Something Different
22. Never Laid to Rest
23. Depressions Encore
24. Kiss of Steel
25. Ejaculated Whore
26. One Foot in the Grave
27. Broken Dreams
28. You're Fucked

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Retaliation (SWE)