Victory Songs

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Band Name Ensiferum
Album Name Victory Songs
Type Album
Data wpisu 20 Kwiecień 2007
Styl muzycznyFolk Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album585


1. Ad Victoriam 03:10
2. Blood Is the Price of Glory 05:17
3. Deathbringer from the Sky 05:10
4. Ahti 03:55
5. One More Magic Potion 05:22
6. Wanderer 06:32
7. Raised by the Sword 06:10
8. The New Dawn 03:42
9. Victory Song 10:38
Bonus CD (Limited Edition)
10. Dragonheads 05:21
11. Warrior's Quest 04:33
12. White Storm 04:36
13. Into Hiding 03:49
14. Lady in Black (Uriah Heep Cover) 09:59
15. Battery (Metallica Cover) 05:13
Total playing time 81:07

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Komentarz @ Vinrock666

28 Czerwiec 2008
Ensiferum's "Victory Songs" was one of the most surprising albums to come out in 2007. Metal sub-genres like viking metal tend to pigeon-hole a band's creativity into the standard sounds and effects wholly unoriginal and synthetic. Not only did Ensiferum call to a more authentic style and sound in their writing and overall concept, but they brought in guest musicians to play those instruments as well. The result is a full blast metal array of great guitar riffs leading a sonic cavalcade of Middle Age color throughout - all with a feel of the music being very real - as if to say if metal music did exist in the early Middle Ages this is perhaps what it would sound like. The song writing style echoes to an old European folk cadence coupled with choruses aptly described by the band as "drunk", so that if one felt compelled to sing along a stein full of ale would be necessary. Still, it must be noted that the softer parts are placed sparingly as opposed to throughout or washed over the rhythm section. The metal parts are very much metal - fast paced, riff-heavy, and hard edged - to which all the songs are structured around. The best example of this balance is the song Victoy Songs, a ten minute progression of soft to hard, highlighted by a few time signature changes as well as some bar repetition at the end of the record. Vicory may have been epic in scope, but any number of the tracks could be considered their best song. For that reason, the album is a pleasure to listen to from beginning to end. The battle is over and Ensiferum has won - so grab another stein and join them in the hall for an excellent round of "Victory Songs"!

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