Vengeance Falls

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Band Name Trivium
Album Name Vengeance Falls
Type Album
Data wpisu 15 Październik 2013
Styl muzycznyMetalcore
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album179


 Brave This Storm
 Vengeance Falls
 No Way to Heal
 To Believe
 At the End of This War
 Through Blood and Dirt and Bone
 Villainy Thrives
 Incineration: The Broken World
 Wake (The End Is Nigh)

 No Hope for the Human Race
 As I Am Exploding
 Skulls... We Are 138 (Misfits Cover)

Total playing time: 01:01:08

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  • Brave This Storm by TriviumOfficial

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    Komentarz @ Zala666

    16 Luty 2014

    2013!!! The year of such great albums... And Trivium is not out of the list.

    Oh, last year was phenomenal! Stravarious' EP, Soilwork and their delightful 20-tracks release, Six Feet Under with Unborn, The Black Dahlia with EverBlack!, Device's new album (interesting from my opinion), Immolation's Kingdom of Conspiracy, Hypocrisy never disappointing with End of Disclosure, Avenged Sevenfold's change of course with Hail to the King, Carcass motherf***ing new album!, Black Sabbath's 13, etc. (Sorry, can´t name them all)

    2014 is coming with more, and even though there's a lot of new music in front of us, I can't get my ears away from Vengeance Falls!

    It's amazing how this work has allured me. When Trivium started teasing all of us with their album, and when I knew Draiman was going to produce this, I expected something brilliant and marvelous. Then we started seeing part of what the artwork was going to be, and it kept me wondering what this album was going to be about. Unfortunately, I didn't listen to Heafy's cover of Harvest until months later (don't ask why). Trivium was definitely promising something concrete and whole. Then, they released a part of Brave This Storm —which I couldn't watch because I didn't have a smartphone back in those times, so I watched it on YouTube— I heard that as a type of state-of-emergency, post-apocalyptic, warfare-and-despair surrounding which could take part in the whole album. Way more intrigued than ever!

    When Brave This Storm was played live and published on a YouTube video, a guy I know —who knows a lot of music by having different tastes on genres— posted it on Facebook and he said, "Draiman's influence got way too far". I was shocked about what the song could be. I opened the link and I was wordless. I mean, as a lot of people, I don't like new songs at the first time, but this was different. They intro was explosive and voracious (even though the quality of the video was bad). But then I heard Matt singing and the instrumentality was dull and slow —the fast and strong intro was lost. And Matt voice was shaken because they played some songs before that one. I just thought, "This MIGHT be... not"

    Then, the album version was published by Trivium: ...SWEET! The riffs were immersing me into the energy, the drums were surrounding my ears with the fastness Nick provides, and the vocals MELODIC AND STRONG! Strife came out later as another single. People expected more from a single because this song was clean, it had energy but it was clean —something not seen from Trivium. Honestly, I didn't like it. Later on, the album was streamed by Trivium. I stayed HOURS hearing everything as much as I could! I loved everything. People kept talking things like "Draiman screwed it up", "Trivium lost me", "This was not that heavy". I seriously believe Draiman improved Heafy's voice as much as he could. Harmonies seem to have been put by him as well. All he did —from my perspective— was taking care of Trivium in order to deliver a better work, at least a bit. If you disagree, fine.

    Now, I'll talk a little bit about each song.

    Brave This Storm! Explosive beginning, tough "GO!" could be heard, slow at times though, but it recovered through the bridge, the choruses and the solo. The lyrics can tell us a lot: a decay going on in a warrior or in society that eats us, although we're talking about a storm —something impossible to catch, control, or dodge.

    Vengeance Falls! Sweet intro! My ears loved the melody. The use of back vocals (cleans and screams) was not excessive. The chorus was pretty beautiful, it gives the desire to sing it along not mattering where you are. At the end Heafy "shined" with his voice, stronger than ever. Here, lyrics tell about force as a whole that comes revenge and how far we can go with it.

    Strife! A different intro was heard here. It gave a bit of attraction. Riffs here were cool, I liked them. Heafy's voice was strong, showing power without screaming as he does. This was the song I liked the less. If I could vote it, I would give three stars from five. The lyrics can show the solitude of a person fighting despair and pain all by himself in an interesting way. I actually felt this lyric a BIT poetic.

    NO WAY TO HEEAAAAL! This song was brilliant. Many said it was the "brother" of Forsake not the Dream, I can agree that. The pre-chorus was alluring, it introduced a way better chorus than the first ones (my second favorite chorus). The power from the riffs got through me riding my eyes to the same chorus getting better time to time. Heafy still shined here with his voice. And the solo! AMAZING! Corey and Matt are one of the best guitar duos of "contemporaneous metal". No Way to Heal shows us the pain of being in front a wall condemned forever in pain. Yet, this pain is not a wall we're stuck in, it's a DAGGER, a cold dagger afflicting our bodies way too painfully.

    TO BELIEVE! Another goddamn alluring intro! But it kept the same steps of Brave This Storm with a bit of dullness after the intro. Aaaaand another great pre-chorus introducing a harmonic chorus which I hummed for WEEKS! I don't know if it was idea from David or from Matt, but the back vocals by Matt were amazing. Such a living greatness! Lyrics can tell the moment when an idea grows up inside us, just to show us a bitter truth that may pierce our souls.

    AT THE END OF THIS WAR! A steady intro taking to us to the middle of the album (for say)! The distortion grows the music into a different panorama of what is happening. The pre-chorus was interesting, progressive, catchy. The chorus is simple but the melody still is brilliant. This lyrics are interesting. Yeah, it shows us war and how it creates destruction, the fall of man. However, I strongly think he's talking about zombies or at least comparing soldiers with them.

    THROUGH BLOOD AND DIRT AND BONE! Different intro but lovely, strong. It had a different riff but it had the name "Trivium" all over it. I'm a fan of melodies and the chorus made this song my third favorite. The back vocals in the chorus lurred me again with more and more harmony, coming with tough screams at the end. Here, we may understand the ending of a harsh odyssey where, at the end, he's alone fighting until death.

    VILLAINY THRIVES! My second favorite song! With attractive riffs, Heafy's voice is consisting and still dominates from what we heard before in this record. All leads to another chorus, not the most melodic, but one of strongest choruses here. Lyrics, this ones are really interesting talking about the revenge against evil. They say revenge is not the way to fight, Matt states otherwise "I want to ruin the rapist, punish the criminal, violate the abuser, end murderer!"

    INCINERATION: THE BROKEN WORLD! My favorite soooong! I just love it —from the beginning riff to the outro. This chorus is my favorite also. Love how Matt sang there, with power, with all of his breath, guiding us from a embracing bridge to a unique chorus. Lyrics are really, really cool. They show the moment of falling into darkness when ending deserves you, and you deserve ending. Everything while you collide.

    WAKE (THE END IS NIGH)! A beautiful motherf***ing intro. I even made a mix of the intro repeating itself over and over through ten minutes. I can't be the only one loving the melody which is like awaking us from a dream to an apocalypse getting worse and more interesting as the song continues. Music raises up slowly and brings us an explosion like if it was ending waking us (well he actually says "WAKE!" SO...) The power continues into more riffs and more short melodies that lead to an awesome solo and another strong bridge where —if you realize— shows Heafy's power by entering in a soft singing to a strongly-sung.

    I have repeated a lot the words power, melody, strong, surrounding, etc. That's because that is the album: everything Trivium can give us.
    More of that comes from the bonustracks "No Hope for the Human Race" and "As I'm Exploding", and the covers "Skulls... We are 138" and "Losing my Religion". I will do it shortly.

    NO HOPE FOR THE HUMAN RACE! A heavy song everybody needs to hear. All the power is being held from the beginning in order to be released at the choruses and at the end.

    AS I'M EXPLODING! A song about solitude and slow perishing with a sweeeeeeeet melody in the chorus. AGAAAAAAAAAAIN! Love it!
    SKULLS... WE ARE 138! Honestly, didn't like it that much. I'm not a fan of punk music.

    LOSING MY RELIGION! Really attractive, although R.E.M's original song is acoustic, it suits really cool as Trivium covered it. I hope they do a short acoustic cover...

    If you haven't bought it yet, do it. This is a masterpiece.

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