Unto the Locust

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Nazwa zespołu Machine Head (USA)
Tytuł płyty Unto the Locust
Type Album
Data wpisu 26 Wrzesień 2011
Gatunek muzycznyTechnical Thrash
Tylu użytkowników posiada ten album439


 I Am Hell (Sonata in C#) (a/ Sangre Sani. b/ I Am Hell. c/ Ashes to the Sky)
 Be Still and Know
 This Is the End
 Darkness Within
 Pearls Before the Swine
 Who We Are

 The Sentinel (Judas Priest Cover) (Japanese Edition)
 Witch Hunt (Rush Cover) (Japanese Edition)
 Darkness Within (Acoustic) (Japanese Edition)
 Halo (Live) (Japanese Edition)

Total playing time: 01:12:52

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Artykuł @ Yoda2287

03 Maj 2012

Mind Blowing.

I had always been a fan of Machine Head, not a massive fan, but I listen to their stuff and liked it. However, they out did themselves on this album. This album is just simply amazing. It's heavier than the last two albums, it has sick album artwork, shredding riffs and awesome lyrics. If metal was one album, THIS would be that album.

This album is classical driven. By that I don't mean it has violins and cellos, but the music's structure is very built and inspired by classical music. While the entire album is just epic, here a few highlights and a basic overview:

The album opens up with a melodic choir singing "Sangre Sani" over and over again. (Which I believe means "Blood Saint" in Latin.) Until a ground shaking riff and Flynn's blood curdling growls of "I AM DEATH". The song soon changes it's pace into a much faster Thrashier song which is indeed unbelievable live.

The track Locust was the one, however, that blew me away. Not only are the lyrics well thought out, but the guitar work is amazing, especially the melodic interlude. Rob Flynn stated in an interview with Metal Hammer, that is was the hardest song he has ever written.

The albums Ballard, Darkness Within is an instant classic. The song can relate to all of us in many ways lyrically: Music is our savior. When you can't turn to religion, or people, you turn to music. Rob Flynn's vocals on this track have to be the best on the album. He goes from melodic singing, to screaming to repetitive growls of "MUSIC MY SAVIOR" towards the end of the song.

I recommend this to any metal lover, even if you are not a fan of Machine Head, or lost interest after The Burning Red. This album is just simply mind blowing.

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Crinn - 03 Maj 2012: nice review, you were straight and to the point, a few friendly suggestions:
1. there's too many spelling/grammar errors
2. although the COMPLEXITY of the song structures in extreme metal are similar to that of classical, but I wouldn't say that they share any common traits (especially this album) but there are plenty of metal albums/bands that have a strong classical influence (opeth, dream theater, therion, dark lunacy, etc.)

but otherwise I enjoyed reading your review ;)
hack - 03 Maj 2012: I don't think that there were too many mistakes in this review. I saw this review through the Firefox browser. There might be a couple of slight grammar flaws in it. But I also see similar mistakes in English reviews on the other Metal Webzines, as well as with the regular reviewers here on SoM (maybe even me). No one's perfect.
Crinn - 04 Maj 2012: I was in a bad mood when I wrote that commend -_-'
Yoda2287 - 18 Maj 2012: Haha Thank's guys. I have Dyslexia so thats why there are a few grammer mistakes. I'll remember that though Crinn
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