Towards the Megalith

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Band Name Disma
Album Name Towards the Megalith
Type Album
Data wpisu 19 Lipiec 2011
Styl muzycznyDeath Doom
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album143


 Chaos Apparition
 Chasm of Oceanus
 Spectral Domination
 Vault of Membros
 Purulent Quest
 Lost in the Burial Fog
 Of a Past Forlorn
 Towards the Megalith

 And the Dawn of Life Arises
 Unwept in Oblivion

Total playing time: 58:12

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Artykuł @ VesselsOfBlood

29 Grudzień 2011

Old-School Death Metal swamp

Remember the good old days, back in the 80's and 90's? When bands like Immolation, Nile, and Incantation ruled over the death metal scene as pioneers of old-school death metal? New Jersey death metal act Disma will give you a brutal trip down memory lane with their debut full-length Towards the Megalith. Consisting of members from other acts such as Incantation and Funebrarum. Disma delivers eight bludgeoning tracks that demonstrate the crusty and murky style of death metal, that bands back in the old days had to offer. In Towards the Megalith, the band mixes together unrelenting death metal with doom and sludge elements, resulting in creating an album of sheer and bone-crushing terror.

Towards the Megalith is truly one horrifying album, combining sludgy growls and bellows. Raw percussion, ridiculously downtuned, and deeper-than-hell guitar riffs. The cover artwork of this album alone is plenty terrifying, with hooded beings dragging their coffins into the grisly ruins. The pummeling sound of the tracks fit this picture perfectly. The apocalyptic mood of the lyrics also add to the horrific feel of this record. The best bet that Towards the Megalith has to offer is the bruiser "Spectral Domination," which brings out the best, and most brutal out of this record. The guitars, particularly in this track, are so low pitched and down-tempo, that any listener can conclude that they were crafted straight from the abysmal depths of hell itself. The swampy vocals and drums accompany these guitars, creating a mix of death metal with crust and doom. Along with the other songs, rendering Towards the Megalith as a truly gruesome nightmare.

Overall, this album is a total brutal masterpiece It most certainly deserves a spot on any metalhead's disc collection, or at least their MP3 players. Any fans of the most raw and brutal of old-school death metal are strongly recommended to this record. The doom metal influences and the unpleasant slabs of all-out death metal render the album as awesome as it is gruesome. Towards the Megalith is one twisted hell of a metal album, and Disma is one twisted hell of a band. [18/20]

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