Time I

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Band Name Wintersun
Album Name Time I
Type Album
Data wpisu 22 Październik 2012
Wydawcy Nuclear Blast
Styl muzycznyMelodic Death
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album276


1. When Time Fades Away
2. Sons of Winter and Stars
a/ Rain of Stars
b/ Surrounded by Darkness
c/ Journey Inside a Dream
d/ Sons of Winter and Stars
3. Land of Snow and Sorrow
4. Darkness and Frost
5. Time
1. When Time Fades Away
2. Sons of Winter and Stars
3. Land of Snow and Sorrow
4. Darkness and Frost
5. Time
6. Licks & Tricks of Time I (with Each Band Member)
7. Track by Track Interview

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Artykuł @ FutureChuckSchuldiner

07 Czerwiec 2014

Heavy but still Melodic.

Ever since Jari Maenpaa left Ensiferum, he seems to have been released of any limits. After the first album, the self-titled album of Wintersun, Jari released Time I, which proves how Jari is literally going crazy with his abilities and imagination. The album is executed with variety that can be found in no other album. For instance, there are Oriental elements, neoclassical elements, black metal elements etc. It seems that Jari has seriously tried to accumulate all of the styles and techniques that he knows and just poured them all onto this album.

First of all, the initial song, "When Time Fades Away," starts as an intro for the album by playing a faint amount of oriental music. This amount oriental music starts to get heavier and heavier until it finally blends with metal music and transitions into "Sons of Winter and Stars," the second track of the album. The second track I think is more of a classical composition than a metal song. The pace is constantly changing, there are different elements of techniques throughout the song, and the song changes key a few times. It even ends with a climax that is distinct for classical songs. What is remarkable though is that in spite of all of the classical influences and sort of intellectual style, Jari still manages to makes this song sound heavy. The fact that I cannot qualify this style of music for any genre shows that Jari essentially created his own genre in this album, a genre that is definitely worth hearing.

I would like to place a lot of emphasis though on "Darkness and Frost****" and "Time." "Darkness and Frost****" begins with a riff that is pretty much repeated for the entire song. As the song progresses though, more instruments kick in and the music climaxes so much, it almost feels orgasmic. At its peak, the songs transitions into "Time" - I have to say that this transition is probably the best one I have ever heard. Time Is definitely a dark and melancholic metal song, and, again, it still manages to stay heavy in enough to be considered death metal. At the same time, the song is absolutely epic, emotionally driving, and can probably put you to tears while you are still doing hardcore head banging.

The last note I want to end with is that this band is still young, as Time I is only their second album. I highly recommend that you follow this band, as I think Time II will be a more creative melodeath album than Time I - the same way that Time I was a more creative melodeath album than Wintersun. Jari is always pushing past his limit and I think he desires all of the respect from the Metal fandom.

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