This War Is Ours

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Band Name Escape The Fate
Album Name This War Is Ours
Type Album
Data wpisu 21 Październik 2008
Wyprodukowany przez Feldmann John
Styl muzycznyEmo Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album144


Re-Issue on April 27, 2010 by Epitaph Records with 4 bonustracks & 1 Bonus DVD.
1. We Won't Back Down 03:30
2. On to the Next One 03:08
3. Ashley 03:27
4. Something 03:38
5. The Flood 03:33
6. Let It Go 03:29
7. You Are so Beautiful 02:47
8. This War Is Ours (the Guillotine Pt. II) 04:26
9. 10 Miles Wide (ft. Josh Todd of Buckcherry) 02:47
10. Harder than You Know 04:20
11. It's Just Me 04:56
Total playing time 40:01
European and Australian Bonus Track
12. Harder than You Know (Acoustic) 04:19
Total playing time 44:20
2010 Reissue Bonus Tracks
12. Bad Blood (B-Sides) 04:17
13. Behind the Mask (B-Sides) 03:15
14. Harder Than You Know (Acoustic) 04:19
15. This War Is Mine (Shawn "Clown" Crahan Remix) 05:42
Total playing time 57:34
1. The Flood (Music Video) 03:49
2. Something (Music Video) 03:40
3. 10 Miles Wide (Music Video) 03:15
4. This War Is Ours (The Guillotine II) [Music Video] 05:31
5. Escape the Fate This War Is Ours (Behind the Music) 15:11
6. Escape the Fate This War Is Ours (European Tour) 25:29
Total playing time 56:55

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Artykuł @ Crinn

16 Marzec 2012

Nothing too special about this release other than one of the songs..

Escape the Fate released This War Is Ours in the fall of 2008. There are so many mixed views that there isn’t much of a “majority opinion”. Although this isn’t a big issue in my opinion, the biggest reason why this is Escape the Fate’s most talked about album is because of the addition of Craig to replace the (at the time) recently imprisoned Ronnie. I honestly don’t really think much of the matter because that kind of shit happens all the time, I’m not even kidding. You just don’t hear about it because bands usually do a better job of keeping it out of the mainstream public eye. But the fact that ETF has had the eyes of the mainstream alternative music community LOCKED on them since the 2006 Vans Warped Tour has made it virtually impossible to have that go unnoticed. Another reason why this album has caused so much controversy is because of the dramatic (and often over exaggerated) change in musical style.

Probably what everyone knows about Craig is that he was the former vocalist for the screamo band blessthefall, only appearing on one of their EPs and their debut full-length. At first, I thought that he wasn’t a good fit for ETF and should go back to blessthefall…until I heard the vocalist that replaced him. In fact, I’ve actually come to really like his voice in the newer ETF music, I just don’t think his voice is rough and gritty enough for the material off Dying Is Your Latest Fashion. The biggest change that ETF has made in their musical style is having more of a rock-oriented sound as well as sounding a little less angry and heavy. This is actually partly because the guitar distortion is much, much smoother than in their debut, which had a very crunchy, dirty sound. As well as that, there’s much less screaming and next to no growling.

I’m almost completely convinced that the first track off the album was written when Ronnie was in the band, because it sounds like something that would have come off Dying Is Your Latest Fashion. The overall song is very enjoyable, but the poppy-sounding guitar solos don’t fit the rest of the music at all. Not only that, Craig’s voice doesn’t really give the song that really edgy feeling that Ronnie’s does; but that’s just because his voice doesn’t fit the sound of the song. This is the same case as Nightwish and their switch from Tarja and Anette; both have amazing voices, but Anette’s voice doesn’t sound good with the older songs, and Tarja’s voice definitely wouldn’t sound very fitting in their newer material.

After the first song, the album goes in a completely different direction; so I wouldn’t have the first track in the beginning because it gives you the wrong impression. I would instead put it at the end as a little surprise for the fans of the first album. The hit single off this album, Something, is actually a really cool song. Although it sounds like a completely different band, I still really like it. This is where Craig’s voice sounds best; but because it’s a “hit” single and it sounds so drastically different from the ETF that many remember, there’s a lot of people that hate it. The one thing about this track that sort of bothers me is that the song structure is a little TOO generic and simple. Although that might be hypocritical of me because one of my favorite bands is Breaking Benjamin, who sticks to the more basic song structures most of the time. I guess because the interlude of Something is really lacking…everything, when the song ends, I feel like I missed something, like the song doesn’t leave me completely satisfied; which is probably why people like to listen to it OVER and OVER. The Flood really has a rock-based screamo sound, which has already been done by tons of other bands; so I would expect something more out of a band of this status (which I’m starting to think is greatly undeserved).

Let it Go is actually one of my favorites off this album (which is ironic because this is the most disliked track from this record). But yet again, I feel that this song didn’t give me enough satisfaction. I’m not saying there’s anything that I DON’T like about it, it’s just that I don’t find it impressive and satisfying enough. 10 Miles Wide is my favorite song off the record, why? BECAUSE IT’S ACTUALLY REALLY GOOD AND SATISFYING! This is a song that I’ve never gotten tired of and that gets me pumped up with all the rock ‘n roll energy it has. Also, it has the really rough and edge voice of Josh Todd from Buckcherry, a hard rock band I’ve been listening to for I don’t know how the hell long…a LONG time. Even if you HATE Escape the Fate, if you like some of the more hard rock sounding stuff, I would definitely look this song up! WARNING: the music video is stupid and unattractive, so if you listen to the music video, I would just play it and NOT WATCH IT.

Honestly, this album is average. It has a few faults and some good things; the highlight of the whole album being the ninth track, 10 Miles Wide, which features vocals (singing and screaming) from Buckcherry vocalist Josh Todd. I almost never really listen to this album due to the dissatisfied feeling it leaves me (which is actually the same case with all the albums ETF has released). Although I would recommend that you look it up because there are a lot of people out there that LOVE it, it’s just not what I would say is easily enjoyable and worth my money. But look up that one song because it’s something that I even play over and over (when I get around to the rare occasion of listening to it). I would give this album 9/20.


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Komentarz @ grave111

08 Grudzień 2010
This album was first released in 2008 by Epitaph records, and it is the first one with Craig Mabbit (which used to be in Blessthefall) instead of Ronnie Radkie in the vocals. This album has got a really different style compared with other Escape the Fate albums like Dying Is Your Latest Fashion. Also in this album Omar Espinosa lefts Escape the Fate.
This album doesn't have a lot of screams which is, in some way, good, but of course there are screams in songs like "This war is our" and "The Flood", songs like "Something" and "Harder than you know" which are way too much emotional and can make you start crying (believe me i'm serious)are really beautiful. Also, there is few really good solos and very, very weird songs like "I'ts Just Me" . My favorite songs in this album are: "10 Miles Wide" (with Josh Tod from Buckcherry),"This War Is Ours (The Guillotine II)" and "You're So Beautiful".
In April 2010 ,"This War Is Ours Deluxe Edition" was released, whith two new Songs in it, that are "Bad Blood" and "Behind The Mask". Also there's a remix of "This War Is Ours" that you can find by the name of "This War Is Mine", made by Clown (Shawn Craham) from Slipknot.

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Komentarz @ Travioli

05 Styczeń 2011

Good but could be better

Escape the Fate is a Emo Metal band from Las Vegas,Nevada.The band had begun with the members being Ronnie Radke,Omar Espinosa,Maxwell(or Max)Green,Brian Monte, and Robert Ortiz.In 2005 the gain a keyboardist named Carson Allen but also left in the same year.In 2006 Escape the Fate relesed their first album Dying Is Your Latest Fashion.But in 2007 Omar left the band due to personal Issues.In 2008 Ronnie Radke was arrested because he had a drug addiction and then was kicked out of the band.In the same year Craig Mabbit goined the band along with Michael Money(Micheal only plays on tours).In 2008 the band relesed their second album This War Is Ours.

Then in 2010 they relesed their third album Escape the Fate.This was a exeptionally good album even though the band had to get acoustome to the new singer and make the album in less then a year.The worst song on this album would have to be Harder Than You Know.It sounds like you are running in a frickin meadow.It sounds like something I would expect from the Jonas Brothers.They did a great job with This War Is Ours(The Guillotine 2).Lots of hadcore guitar rifts and low grolws.I think most of the songs are to short.Half of the songs sound the same also.I would only recommend this to people who like Escape the Fate or people who like light metal.

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