The Wolves Go Hunt Their Prey

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Band Name The Vision Bleak
Album Name The Wolves Go Hunt Their Prey
Type Album
Data wpisu 31 Sierpień 2007
Styl muzycznySymphonic Dark
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album74


1. Amala & Kamala
2. She-Wolf
3. The Demon of the Mire
4. The Black Pharaoh Trilogy - Introduction
5. Part I : the Shining Trapezohedron
6. Part II : the Vault of Nephren-Ka
7. The Eldrich Beguilement
8. Evil Is of Old Date
9. By Our Brotherhood with Seth
Bonus DVD
1. Intro / Drama of the Wicked
2. Kutulu !
3. Wolfmoon
4. Carpathia
5. Sister Najade
6. Secrecies in Darkness
7. The Charm Is Done
8. The Curse of Arabia
9. The Lone Night Rider

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