The Unlightenment

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Band Name Dhul-Qarnayn
Album Name The Unlightenment
Type Album
Data wpisu 2008
Wydawcy Self-Released
Styl muzycznyAmbiant Black
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album0


1. Sokoot (Aras Cover)
2. Deathcrush (Mayhem Cover)
3. Freezing Moon (Mayhem Cover)
4. Dawn of Satan’s Millenium (Beherit Cover)
5. The Eerie Cold (Shining Cover)
6. Dead Soul in the Cage (Aras Cover)
7. Gebrechlichkeit I (Burzum Cover)
8. Gebrechlichkeit II (Burzum Cover)
9. Walker of Dissonant Worlds (Xasthur Cover)
10. Von Scherbengestalten und Regenspaziergang (Nargaroth Cover)
11. Once Emperor (Burzum Cover)
12. Travels to Sadness, Hate and Depression (Mutiilation Cover)
13. Dunkelheit (Burzum Cover)
14. Mohammed, Payam Avar E Shahvat (Aras Cover) (Remastered)
15. Funerals Drenched in Apathy (Xasthur Cover)
16. Winds of Triton (Darkthrone Cover)
17. Outro / Dethrone the Son of God (Havohej Cover)

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