The Swan Road

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Band Name Drudkh
Album Name The Swan Road
Type Album
Data wpisu 14 Marzec 2005
Styl muzycznyPagan Black
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album125


 Eternal Sun
 Glare of 1768
 The Price of Freedom
 Song of Sich Destruction

Total playing time: 43:40

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Artykuł @ Satanic_destroyer666

30 Wrzesień 2007
If Drudkh is Black Metal I'm the president of USA.

I’m old fan of Ukrainian Black Metal scene and its pioneers: Lucifugum and Nokturnal Mortum. A|symmetrylso of some bands of next generation: A|symmetrystrofaes, Hate Forest. A|symmetryll what I knew about Drudkh is that this is a side-project of Hate Forest and A|symmetrystrofaes members. I’ve decided to buy “The Swan Road” in spite of this title seemed funny to me. The title which has nothing in common with classic Black Metal titles. Why “swan road”? May be “pig road” or “dog road” is better? He-he. Or may be I’m so ignorant and don’t understand their high ideas? But when I’ve listened to this album I was even more disappointed in their music than in title of the album. I don’t like nowadays fashion on “depressive” and “melancholic” music shit. Such music is more suitable for menstrual girls, but not for aggressive people with strong will which metalists must be in my opinion. Their label tries to present Drudkh as something especial and revolutional, but let such revolutionaries sing and play somewhere very far from Black Metal, for example on MTV channel. Girls will cry together with these guys from Drudkh. A|symmetrys for layout of this cd: a picture showing a some kind of rural nature: an evening sky and birds in this sky (no, not angry hellish ravens, but simply peaceful birds, a some symbol of sorrow about the gone summer). Perhaps, I will cry now but I’ll wait till I finish this review.
A|symmetryt first I decided to forget about this album and to sell this shitty cd through ebay at least at a half of price… But some days ago I’ve known the news which didn’t leave me indifferent and forced me to write my first review, though usually I prefer to keep my opinion with myself. A|symmetryctually Drudkh is a christian band. I’ve heard the rumours that Drudkh use the lyrics of christian poet. A|symmetryt first I didn’t believe thinking this is the next example of war between the bands. The author of the “The Swan Road” lyrics is Ukrainian poet Taras Schevchenko. I have some friends from Ukrainian diaspora and I’ve asked them about this Taras Schevchenko. Perhaps, this poet is very polular in Ukraine, because they all know him very well and answered me without a problem. His poems are about justice for all people, about love to Ukraine and to god. It was a little shock for me though christian “black metal” bands are not a surprise today. But those bastards don’t hide that they’re chirstians and even proud of it. I don’t know if Drudkh are also proud of it, but my cd is already in WC.
I strongly recommend you to do the same.

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veeska - 27 Maj 2008: hey dude who reviewed this album before me,

i just registered on this website.

to let you know.

that you are a dumbfuck.

who probably didnt like this album because you were to busy gagging on satans cock.

which is cool, youve got strong enough will power to do it for as long as you have.

to anyone else,

actually listen to this cd if your interested in it. not necessarily dudkhs best, but i like a number of the songs on it.

drudkh to me as always been the band i listen to when im out in nature, on some beastly hike, or on a long drive looking at the bad ass sky and shit.

this album is a bit darker and (depressing) sounding i guess than some of their others....

he does have a lot eviler/creepy voice going on in it than most of the others.


wether or not they are christian, which ive never heard they are.. nor do i really care. because i dont listen to music because of some group it subsribes to or tries to please, or because its got "THE DEVIL" goin on all over it with pentagrams and shit.

i listen to music, for good music.

if you do the same.. youll at least appreciate this.

either way i srsly was in shock to read someone slam such a good album by such a good band.

so to that guy.

stfu. lol.
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