The Surreption

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Band Name Ingested
Album Name The Surreption
Type Album
Data wpisu 04 Lipiec 2011
Wyprodukowany przez Stu McKay
Styl muzycznyBrutal Death
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album42


 Crowning the Abomination
 The Consequence (ft. Alex Erian of Despised Icon)
 A Coming Unperceived
 This Disgusting Revelation
 Castigation and Rebirth
 Manifesting Obscenity
 22 (ft. Matt Jones of Martyr Defiled)
 The Alpha

Total playing time: 42:25

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Artykuł @ GandhiEgo

26 Maj 2011

Ingested newest effort. Less brutal? Maybe. More crushing? Definitely so.

I’ll plead guilty. I haven’t had the pleasure to listen to Ingested's debut which had quite stirred the underground scene of Brutal / Slam Death Metal when released in 2009. The Brits had achieved almost cult status with Surpassing the Boundaries of Human Suffering and the fans were salivating at the news of The Surreption's imminent release.

Problem is, it seems that for those who clearly enjoyed the debut, the sophomore release wouldn’t live to their expectations. A good friend of mine who reviewed it lately was commenting on how the band turned mellower with lots of down-tempo parts and that their music seemed uninspired compared to their previous effort. So. I can’t compare both albums so all I have now is my ears and this new material to review.

Well, there may be some down(er) tempo parts scattered throughout the recording but it still is very much aggressive. Ingested display Slamming Death Metal punctuated with Hardcore touches. I guess some people with jump on in the Deathcore bandwagon but if Deathcore really sounds like this, what do Avenged Sevenfold and their worthless copycats play then? Stupidcore?

Ingested are partly made up of ex-Annotations of an Autopsy members so the connection may sound appropriate if not obvious but where AoaA have really hit the Deathcore spot in the bad way, Ingested retain a very much real Death Sound. Sure there are some shifting time signatures, double vocals and a very modern yet powerful production, but nothing that fucked up that would make think it’s only “plastic” Metal.

The best thing on the record is found at the end. The previous tracks are fine but besides Manifesting Obscenity and 22 with their almost Old-School a la Immolation riffing, the rest is fine but not as great. Well, that’s only so until you hit the two last tracks: The Alpha / Omega. Prepare for 10 minutes of crushing madness that will remind you of some other British legends: Bolt Thrower.

Overall, not the deception some claim it may be but not a masterpiece as well, only an above average record. I can only assume that if indeed The Surreption is that different from Surpassing the Boundaries of Human Suffering, Ingested may lose some fans on the way but the quality displayed here will most certainly get them new ones which will make their fan-base grow up. So all in all, not that bad of a direction.

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