The Real Thing

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Band Name Faith No More
Album Name The Real Thing
Type Album
Data wpisu 20 Czerwiec 1989
Wydawcy Slash Records
Nagrany w Studio D
Styl muzycznyFusion
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album418


 From out of Nowhere
 Falling to Pieces
 Surprise ! You're Dead !
 Zombie Eaters
 The Real Thing
 Underwater Love
 The Morning After
 Woodpecker from Mars
 War Pigs (Black Sabbath Cover)
 Edge of the World

Total playing time: 55:21

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Artykuł @ DeadLight

10 Luty 2008
This was the very first album I bought. I heard the song "Epic" on MTV and was hooked. Prior to this album I had little interest in music. So this album marked my stepping forth into the world of music and holds a special place in my heart.

Each member of the band is supremely talented and few other bands can claim having so much talent in one group. Faith No More displayed an extraordinary ability to tackle many different musical styles.

In later albums they honed their talent even further and entered new areas of ability.

"Epic" is a sterling example of when metal meets rap and actually works. It is no wonder it went into heavy rotation on MTV.

"Surprise! You're Dead!" Is a crushing song and fun to sing along with. But you'll need a Sucret's afterwards.

"Falling to Pieces" has some memorable lyrics.

And "Woodpecker from Mars" is truly a feast for the ears. When listening to this song it is difficult for me not to let my imagination run wild. I often try to put this instrumental song into a movie context. It'd be a good piece to add to a futuristic space battle scene for example. And somehow it always makes me think of a swarm of bee's at work on their hive.

Overall, this band never failed to deLiver. Each album just kept topping the last. In my opinion they never got the acclaim and praise they deserved. Faith No More has definately carved a name for itself in the music world and it's a pity there are not other albums.

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