The Last Kind Words

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Band Name Devildriver
Album Name The Last Kind Words
Type Album
Data wpisu 16 Czerwiec 2007
Wyprodukowany przez Jason Suecof
Styl muzycznyDeath Thrash
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album429


1. Not All Who Wander Are Lost 03:31
2. Clouds Over California 04:09
3. Bound by the Moon 04:00
4. Horn of Betrayal 04:24
5. These Fighting Words 03:57
6. Head on to Heartache (Let Them Rot) 04:20
7. Burning Sermon 03:38
8. Monsters of the Deep 04:03
9. Tirades of Truth 05:11
10. When Summoned 03:03
11. The Axe Shall Fall 05:15
Bonustrack (US Hot Topic)
12. Damning the Heavens 02:18
Bonustracks (Japanese Release)
12. I Could Care Less (Live)
13. Hold Back the Day (Live)
14. Ripped Apart (Live)
Total playing time 45:38

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Artykuł @ Die4Dethklok

04 Grudzień 2008
Speed Metal, Groove Metal, Dance Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal. How many fucking genres can you tie to one fucking album !? It’s ridiculous. Just call it Metal, and be done with it !

I know this album was released in early 2007, and has probably been reviewed 1000 times over, given that they’ve released 3 albums since they got together in 2003 (this one being their third). They rose very quickly through the metal scene, most likely thanks to having former Coal Chamber front man Dez Fafara as their own. They’ve been referred to as the ‘New Pantera’. In my eyes though, if that is the case, they picked up from where Pantera left off after the release of ‘Vulgar Display of Power’, I didn’t really like Panteras next three albums after that.

With only one minor line-up change since the release of their self titled debut in 2003, that was replacing guitarist Evan Pitts with Mike Spreitzer, their music has become much more refined... it doesn’t have that raw, grindy, almost punky feel of the other two albums before it. (album #2 – The Fury Of Our Makers Hand).

The Last Kind Words, for the most part is very down tuned, with plenty of bass, until it comes to the solos. It also, for some reason has keyboard outros on tracks 5 and the final track, 11, ‘These Fighting Words’ and ‘The Axe Shall Fall’ respectively. On TFW, it kind of fits, but, sadly, for TASF, it doesn’t. It definitely isn’t a way to exit from 45minutes of excellent guitar riffs, and Bass drum Brutality.

Now, I’m not trying to throw a negative spin over the album, I’m just pointing out its very few flaws... Lol.

This album, coupled with its low guitar/bass riffs, and hard blast beats also delivers a message, but in a slightly more subtle way than the Endstille album I reviewed earlier. It is also a very different message. This album is about the trials you have to face throughout life, and the harsh judgements cast upon humanity. My favourite track on this album is track 9, ‘Tirades of Truth’, in which God delivers his final judgement upon us... “...and The Last Kind Words ever said will be !.. You shall live below Angels !.. And above Beasts !!!!!” We are made aware of this through Dez Fafaras brutal vocals, using his gravelly voice and DeathRoars very well.

Despite its more refined feel, it is definitely a must have for Devildriver fans worldwide, and suggested for fans of – Lamb of God , Pantera , Chimaira

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Crinn - 30 Sierpień 2012: how did you get away with putting "lol" in your review? that's just stupid
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